An off-highway vehicle (OHV) is a type of vehicle designed specifically for off-road use. Some can be driven on the road, but the vast majority of drivers reserve their OHVs for those places where regular vehicles cannot go. OHVs can be of different types like ATVs, dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, jeeps, trucks and even some sports utility vehicles/SUVs. They require special components that can work on any terrain and in any condition. OHVs require heavy-duty parts to ensure more power and efficiency. For this, engine components like gaskets, hoses, tubes and seals need to be of premium quality. Sujan Industries takes pride in our ability to manufacture high-grade rubber components, supplying to major OHVs and OEMs. We design these components to ensure low service intervals, more stability at higher temperatures and robust performance.

Facilities catering to this market are certified by ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016

  • Engine and Strut Mounts
  • Hydromounts
  • Conventional mounts
  • Cylinder Liner O-Rings
  • Intake/Exhaust Gaskets
  • Oil Pan Gaskets
  • Engine Gaskets
  • Radiator Gaskets
  • Low Pressure Hoses
  • Air Intake Hoses
  • Coolant and Radiator Hoses
  • Transmission Seals
  • Extruded Tubes
  • Vibration Isolation Products

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