4W Passenger Cars - Electric Vehicle

Battery Pack Applications

We’re pushing the boundaries of EV component manufacturing with its cutting-edge fire retardant solutions. Agnishield is designed to prevent fire propagation, assuring safety and peace of mind for EV users.

With AGNISHIELD, we stay at the forefront of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. Our technologically advanced Fire Retardant material ie AGNISHIELD, which can be molded in any shape is being used by Leading global EV OEMs as fireproof SPACER, fireproof Compression pads and Fire Jackets ensure optimal safety in all EV applications.
Eliminating the risk of Fire is critical for the passengers safety and there are multiple reasons for Thermal runaway situations.
EV OEM’s generally use Cooling systems to mitigate the thermal fluctuations in the cells.
They also have a huge focus on the Battery Management system which also can control such risks to a great extent. However, Inspite of the precautions taken, there have been Fires in all EV brands globally.

Agnishield acts as a unique FIRE BARRIER that can isolate every cell in the pack reducing the chance of Thermal propagation from one cell to the other enhancing the level of safety needed. Currently there is no sufficient protection for the worst case failure scenario.
It can also help protect cooling lines and other important electrical components where Fire safety is needed.

Fire Retardant System:
Fire proof SPACER
Fire Proof Compression pads
Fire Jacket

Fluid System

At Sujan Industries, we are committed to creating robust fluid systems for EVs. Our Hose assemblies for Cooling & HVAC units, made to withstand the most challenging environments, add to optimum vehicle performance. We manufacture premium radiator hoses, battery cooling lines, EPDM hoses, and nylon hose assemblies – each built for exceptional durability and efficiency.

Cooling & HVAC
Radiator Hoses
Battery cooling lines
EPDM Hoses
Nylon Hose assemblies

Battery Cooling

Keeping EV batteries cool is essential for their efficient performance. Our cooling solutions include specialized battery cooling hoses and fire sleeves to ensure adequate temperature regulation. In addition, our nylon hose assemblies and fire sleeves provide the necessary durability and reliability to withstand the rigors of battery cooling systems.

Battery Cooling
Battery cooling hose
Nylon Hose assemblies
Fire Sleeve

Wire Harness / Electrical

We produce top-quality wire harness/electrical components, including door, dashboard, tailgate grommets, engine wiring grommets, and HVAC grommets, each providing exceptional electrical insulation. Our ECU seals and gaskets play a crucial role in preserving the integrity of your EV’s control unit.

Door / Dashboard / Tailgate Grommets
Engine Wiring grommets
HVAC Grommets
ECU Seals / GAskets

Anti-vibration Systems

ur comprehensive range of anti-vibration components – including bushes, motor mounts, body mounts, rebound stoppers, spring seat, stabi bush, strut mounts, conventional mounts, hydro mounts, torsion arm bush, CAB mounts, and shackle assembly – are all built to ensure your EV runs smoothly and efficiently, with minimal vibrations and maximal comfort.

Motor mount
Body mounts
Rebound Stopper
Spring Seat
Stabi Bush
Strut Mounts
Conventional Mounts
Torsuin Arm Bush
CAB Mounts
Shackle Assembly