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Railcar Components

Sujan Industries is the leading Railway Parts Manufacturer in India for a wide range of specialty engineering rubber products, rubber to metal bonded items, polyurethane products and Casting Components for passenger coaches, freight wagons, locomotives and tracks. Having formed a joint venture with Miner Enterprises, USA in 2004 to leverage their capabilities and enter the Railway’s business, Sujan Industries has been catering to India’s widest transport industry since then. We have been into a technical tie-up with Miner Enterprises for the supply of TecsPak® Constant contact side bearer (CCSB) in India. We supply high impact resistant and shock absorption rubber pads (RF8/RF9) to Miner Enterprises for the high capacity SL 76 draft gears. These pads are manufactured to AAR-M901E specifications. The draft gears find usage in railroads across the world that have heavy haul traffic. The Miner-Sujan TecsPak® Constant Contact side bearings help minimize the costs of a railcar’s life-cycle by providing exceptional control over the railcar truck instability known as truck hunting. Manufactured to AAR M948 specifications, these products allow railcars to operate at high speeds with substantially reduced truck and wheel wear.

Railcar Components: Leading Railway Parts Manufacturer In India for Passenger Coaches, Freight Wagons, Locomotives and Tracks

We are foremost ICF and RDSO approved supplier for various rubber to metal bonded safety items and rubber washers for FIAT bogie suspensions, spherical bearings used in three-phase electric locomotives such as WAP 5, WAP 7,WAG 9 and various brake items with many other sealing applications. Sujan Industries is a prominent supplier in Indian and overseas market for Locomotive Gearcase Seals and EMD Gearcase Seals used in locomotive traction motors. These seals are manufactured from Thermoplastic Polyurethane having key properties like low compression set, resistance to abrasion, oil, petroleum products, hydrocarbons, ozone and all weather conditions and are manufactured essentially for preventing grease leakages from the traction motor gear cases in a different type of locomotive vehicles. We also supply Ballast Broom Element used for sweeping the ballast on railroad tracks. These are manufactured from high hardness rubber formulations specifically designed to provide flexibility and durability at low temperatures and to maximize the operational lifetime. Apart from that, we manufacture and supply various profiles Chevron Springs or Rubber Wedge Couplings for NVH applications used in primary suspensions. We also develop and supply long-lasting rubber pads and polyurethane rollers for conveyors used in new track-laying machines. Get in Touch with us to know more about our offerings in the Railroad Industry.