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Leading Aerospace Components Manufacturers in India

Sujan Industries caters to the Indian aerospace sector in a great capacity. Being a leading Aerospace Components Manufacturers in India, we provide solutions to the Indian Air Force, ensuring to meet the highest quality and technology required. Besides offering our wide range of services to the Aircraft Engine Division of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited for over two decades, we also develop critical applications for their Helicopter Division. We have been awarded several times by HAL over the years for our dedicated service and meeting their quality requirement for critical applications. Our expertise in Polymer Engineering has helped Sujan Industries to develop the needed critical applications.

Top Aerospace Components Manufacturers in India

As the winning Aerospace Parts Manufacturers in India, we craft and deliver the best quality elements to the aerospace industry that can sustain the worst weather conditions like exposure to extreme temperatures, oils and gases. Also, the entire machinery needs to deal with travelling assets from the elements. Sujan Industries produces customized aerospace parts to cater to the demanding surroundings as well as protecting cargo and passengers. Recently we have developed a premium quality fiber-reinforced air intake/engine seal called K-Seal for the LCA aircraft and qualified all the required tests. The key deliverables were sealing at extremely low temperatures and high pressures which was met with room to spare.