We, Sujan Industries, known for our exceptional expertise in heavy machinery, have partnered with TRACKNGO, the pioneer of wheel-driven track systems. With the advanced TRACKNGO wheel-driven track system, we offer retrofitting options for existing vehicles, eliminating the need for extensive modifications.

Together, we bring unparalleled versatility and performance to a wide range of applications, including agriculture, off-road adventures, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), defense operations, construction projects, and autonomous vehicles.


We offer a game-changing solution for tractors by integrating the TRACKNGO wheel-driven track system. With our advanced tractor attachments, you can maneuver through challenging terrain with ease, thanks to enhanced traction and stability.


With TRACKNGO’s track systems, defense vehicles can gain superior mobility, adaptability, and all-terrain capabilities. Our collaborative track system solutions will augment the operational efficiency of defense vehicles in various conditions, supporting our defense forces in their noble cause of safeguarding the nation.


Our collaboration also extends to the realm of autonomous vehicles. By incorporating the TRACKNGO wheel-driven track system, we unlock new possibilities for autonomous mobility. This technology equips self-driving vehicles with exceptional traction, stability, and maneuverability, ensuring safe and efficient operations in diverse environments.

Enhancing Mobility Through Innovation and Collaboration

Explore the limitless potential of mobility solutions with Sujan Industries and TRACKNGO.