Our Company

Today, Sujan Industries is a significant part of the Sujan Group with multiple plants manufacturing Rubber parts, Rubber to metal bonded items, Antivibration products, Plastic and Casting Components. We provide design solutions and products to Indian and American Railroad Industry, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Commercial vehicle, Power, Electrical and other heavy Vehicle Industries. The one theme that has stood the test of time at Sujan Industries is the Quality of product we deliver.


Having been established in 1978 in Mumbai, as a modest rubber-moulding outlet with limited resources, Sujan Industries has today established itself as one of the most dependable rubber-moulding and manufacturing firms for its numerous clients. Sujan Industries was started by Sujan brothers, namely Mr. Jeevan Sujan, Mr. Harish Sujan and Mr. Tulsi Sujan as a single-unit entity and was ushered into the new millennium by Mr. Ashok Sujan & Mr. Neel Sujan and Mr. Ghanshyam Sujan. Through the years multiple companies spawned off from this business and now each of them have grown into market leaders in the different markets they service. Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is led by Mr. Neel Sujan, Polyrub Extrusions Pvt. Ltd is led by Mr. Jaiprakash Vasdani, and Mr. Vijay Sujan leads our Joint Venture companies with Cooper Standard. Together they form the group of companies called the Sujan Group.

World's Leading Industry Corporation


Sujan Group’s first team – the core team of the Sujan Brothers and Mr. JK Vasdani – were determined and hardworking. It was this that lifted them from their humble beginnings and placed them ahead of the race, making them one of the most respected rubber companies in India today.

Sujan Group’s growth began with a series of small expansions. Taking a step towards becoming an ancillary unit to major automotive companies, they soon built their own plants to develop compounds, make rubber extrusion products and developed and R&D center to design new products and take application responsibility. As soon as the Joint Ventures took shape the base was set for explosive growth.

The foundation of the Sujan Group lay in their founding philosophies of hard work, technical expertise and high-quality products. This is what has made them as one of the pillars of the rubber industry.


We aim to become a global brand with a focus on “disruptive engineering”, understanding customer needs and delivering the right solution at the right price. We aim to constantly improve our capabilities using a culture of knowledge gathering to produce long-lasting technology products servicing various industries.


We want to re-infuse energy and dynamism into our relationship with our current customers and expand our product portfolio with them, additionally we want to aggressively target newer products & customers using our engineering DNA and give cost efficient solutions for those applications.

Our Values

We are a company driven by honesty, humility, respect, and transparency in communication. We lay Emphasis on innovation, on growing through our learnings and strive to continually improve while working smart, however not shying away from working hard. Engineering Disruption and value creation are the core of our daily business.

Management Team

The core team consists of strong individuals who have worked together for over a decade and successfully launched a joint venture company with Sujan Group and Cooper Standard. Using that success as a benchmark, the team came together in 2018 to reinvent Sujan Industries and mould it for the future.

Lt. Ashok Sujan

Not having great resources at his disposal and against all odds Mr. Ashok Sujan slowly and steadily grew the company through the 90’s and 2000’s. He had a passion for the customer, a thrill for challenges and built the company based on replacement of import components. Whenever there was a product that needed localization and everyone else had failed, the customers thought of Sujan Industries. It was this passion for problem solving and his commitment to deliver premium quality was what became the backbone of the company through those years. He successfully delivered products to multiple new customers and developed components to improbable specifications. His leadership guided the company through the Export Boom of the 90’s and helped in developing deep relationships in the Automotive, Aeronautics and Railway Industry in India.

Mr. Brijesh Sujan
Mr. Brijesh Sujan

Having graduated from the University of Akron, Ohio, with a Master’s Degree in 2005, he returned back to India to help grow the family business. He was instrumental in starting a new Joint Venture company with Cooper Standard and worked for the next 10 years in areas such as R&D, Business Development and Operations, helping take the business to become an industry leader in NVH solutions in India. Brijesh was personally responsible for localising all R&D capability in India and had the fortune to learn from some of the great leaders from international organisations. Since 2018 April, he is responsible for the growth of Sujan Industries and taken over the position of CEO at the company. He believes in the power of innovation and especially in the strength of Indian Engineering.

Strategic Advisor
Mr. Amitabh Sinha

Mr. Sinha belongs to the 1984 batch of Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (SCRA ’81). He took voluntary retirement in 2014. He has more than 38 years of rich experience as a leader, in the field of Railway Rolling Stock design, manufacture, maintenance and marketing. During his tenure with the Indian Railway and RITES, he was involved in a leadership role in the production of diesel engines, design of coaches, design of maintenance routines for railway rolling stock, the transfer of technology contract with Linke-Hofmann-Busch for indigenous manufacture of coaches, and supply and leasing of locomotives and coaches to Tanzania and Mozambique. As Executive Director (Wagon), he led the team to develop the high axle load high speed wagons and the bilevel autocar carrier, both of which were transformation projects for Indian Railways. He has experience in conceptualising, setting up and scaling of three manufacturing units.
Since April 2015, Mr. Sinha has been associated with Sujan Industries and guided in establishing the rail business, including the development and introduction of various components and establishment of the Steel Foundry.

Mr. Inderdeep Singh
Mr. Inderdeep Singh

He has got 24 years of experience in the operational and leadership roles. He has completed his B.E. in Mechanical stream from Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar Marathwada University and Executive MBA from K.J. Somaiya Mumbai. Prior to Sujan Industries he has worked with Singer India ltd., Jammu, Anand Motor Products (P) Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana, Delphi automotive systems Pvt ltd., Greater Noida, U.P., Sujan Cooper-Standard Anti vibration Systems Pvt Ltd., Vasai, Allied Automation and consultancy Delhi. His core expertise into establishing Green field projects, Business Development, Product development, Plant Operations, Manufacturing Excellence, Product development and Customer Satisfaction. He was also Management representative for ISO, QS, TS, MSES, ASES, ISO 14000, and OHSAS activities during his tenure with above companies.

Strategic HR head
Mrs. Vibha Anoop

She got close to 22 years of experience in the field of organizational and people development including 8 years in private HR consulting practice. Vibha is an alumna of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. Had worked before with Godrej & Boyce as Head HR and Aditya Birla Group as Programme Director. In the past also led multiple large scale interventions for MNCs, Indian Corporates and promoter driven Indian organisations. Currently heading the PHI Edge (Founder & Director) through which have pioneered and delivered the CORE HR (end-to-end HR) for many clients across industries and geographies in India.

Life At Sujan Industries


Achieved the 3rd place in the Komatsu awards for Best Performance in DELIVERY for Excavator in 2017

Participated in the SIATI International Aerospace Exposition held in 2001 along with participants from multiple other countries

Celebrating 75 years of EMU Trains

Proud to have received the Honda Power Products Limited Appreciation Award in 2015

Proud to be announced as Hindustan Motors Limited’s Best Vendor in 2002

Honoured to receive the Honda Siel Power Products Limited Best Quality Supplier Performance Award in 2015

Participated in the SIATI International Aerospace Exposition held in 2001 along with participants from multiple other countries

In 2002, received appreciation for being Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s Outsourcing Department – Engine Division

Proud to receive Denso India Ltd appreciation award for continuous support

Received appreciation of long term association & outstanding supplier performance award by HSPPL

Quality Certificates

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification – Casting Foundry

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

AS9100: 2016 Certification

Quality Policy

The people of SUJAN INDUSTRIES are deeply committed to the fact that our existence is dependent on the delight of our customer.

We believe that the most important criteria for maintaining customer delight are the timeless deliverables of Product Quality, Reducing Costs, Enhanced Deliveries, Timely Development & Impeccable Service.

The implementation of a robust Quality Management System will put us one step closer to attaining these objectives and ensure that we continuously upgrade our systems to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

With the heightened competitive nature of business in the 21st Century, Technological up-gradation has become the one aspect that can separate us from the market. It is our objective to continuously enhance our capability to stay at the cutting edge. It is imperative for stable growth that apart from acquiring technology, we train and motivate our people, who have been partners in our growth, to successfully integrate this upgrade in technology and bring it to fruit.

It is the policy of our company to ensure that while we tirelessly work on improving our systems to enhance customer delight, we should keep in mind the impact our organization has on the Environment. We are committed to meet all the necessary norms for the implementation of Environmental Management Systems and to work on reducing consumption and waste of resources such as energy and others consumed in our process.

SUJAN INDUSTRIES also recognizes the importance of health, safety and security of the people working in our organization which is imperative for our growth. SUJAN INDUSTRIES, hence, is committed to building a Health & Safety Management System to address these issues and thereby improve the work environment of our organization.

DATE: 10th April 2019

Mr. Brijesh A. Sujan CEO