We do our bit for the nation by delivering high quality components for the Indian Defence industry.

Using robust testing and inspection criteria, we deliver products for intense application for the Aerospace Sector in India.

Crafting elastomeric products for our country’s largest transport system, the Indian Railways.

Using premium ingredients and latest engineering techniques we deliver long lasting products to the
Off-Highway industry.

Delivering on the promise of quality, cost and delivery, we supply to the Automotive Industry and assist them in designing and developing extremely durable NVH products.

Using Latest Engineering Techniques, we are crafting our products to meet High Payloads & High durability cycle requirement for demanding Commercial Vehicle Industry

Using the latest equipment’s, skilled professionals & In-house testing facilities, we aimed to craft quality casting products for Rail Road, Heavy vehicle & Defence Industries etc.

Rubber Products Manufacturer In India

Welcome to Sujan Industries

Today, Sujan Industries is a significant part of the Sujan Group with multiple plants manufacturing Rubber parts, Rubber to metal bonded items, Antivibration products, Plastic and Casting Components. We provide design solutions and products to Indian and American Railroad Industry, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Commercial vehicle, Power, Electrical and other heavy Vehicle Industries. The one theme that has stood the test of time at Sujan Industries is the Quality of product we deliver.

Rubber Products Manufacturer

We provide a wide variety of critical application anti vibration rubber products that ensure excellent quality, high durability, low service intervals & more stability during working conditions. We are also supplying aftermarket products for Car, truck & trailer parts replacement. Since the first day of being a rubber parts manufacturer, we have always focused on innovation & Creativity. We strongly believe that innovation stimulates the progress of any organization and therefore we innovate in every way, be it new and improved products, techniques, practices of development & production and so on. We heavily invest in research and development and keep ourselves up to date with the new introductions, requirements, trends and demands of the market. That is why we are one of the leading rubber products manufacturers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Going forward it is our vision to marry the underlying “Quality First” DNA of the company along with the latest Design and Technological solutions and we want to deliver these solutions at the right price points.  Using Disruptive engineering we plan to dominate that Indian Railroad and Defence industry while steadily growing our presence and product range in international markets. The next phase of growth for the company is going to come from our partnership with Miner Enterprises, which is the world’s leader in impact energy management and has dominated US Railroad markets through the last few decades.  Using the technology and know how we plan to become market leaders in selling Miner Enterprises technology to the Indian market.  We aim to be the market leader in India for supplies of Side Bearings, Draft Gears and very high technology components for the Indian Coach Manufacturing industry.  We have invested heavily in R&D facilities and a world class A foundry operation has been setup to aid in the growth of the company. This will enable us to provide better quality and standard product to our privileged customers. This facility spread over an area of 50,000 sq. ft. and estimated output capacity of 3600MT annually.

Sujan has always put Quality at the forefront of their product development and in their production. Any time there has been a quality concern, which has been minimal. Sujan has stepped up with analysis, communication, samples and resolution in a timely manner so as not to interrupt production at our facility. Sujan is a pleasure to work with.

Brad Jones

Manager Purchase-Thetford

We inspected the subject part and we received full approval of this product for the bulk supply. Great work done by all your design & production team. Congratulations on Critical win!

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