Automotive Rubber Parts Manufacturer & Supplier in India

The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of India’s economic growth. Some interesting facts about the Indian auto industry are as follows:

  • Second-largest two-wheeler market in the world
  • Fourth-largest passenger vehicle market in Asia
  • Largest three-wheeler market in the world
  • Fifth largest Commercial Vehicle Market in the world
  • Fourth largest Tractor Market in the world

This industry uses rubber products extensively for NVH, shock absorbing, heat resistance and leakage prevention for critical applications. At Sujan industries, we have superior elastomeric engineering capabilities. Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure that we specify and manufacture components that perform under even the most demanding conditions. We partner with our customers for material selection, design and prototyping for mass rubber component manufacture. As a part leading Automotive Rubber Parts Manufacturer & Supplier in India, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellent quality and on-time delivery of the products.

Facilities catering to this market are certified by ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016.

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