Fire Retardant System

Safety remains our top priority while designing and developing crucial e-bus components. To this end, we offer fire retardant system solutions that include fireproof spacers, fireproof compression pads, and a fire jacket. These elements are proven to effectively contain and prevent fire spread, ensuring not only the longevity of the vehicle but also ensuring passenger safety at all times.

Fire Retardant System
Fire proof SPACER
Fire Proof Compression pads
Fire Jacket

Fluid System

At Sujan Industries, we are committed to creating robust fluid systems for EVs. Our Hose assemblies for Cooling & HVAC units, made to withstand the most challenging environments, add to optimum vehicle performance. We manufacture premium radiator hoses, battery cooling lines, EPDM hoses, and nylon hose assemblies – each built for exceptional durability and efficiency.

Cooling & HVAC
Radiator Hoses
Battery cooling lines
EPDM Hoses
Nylon Hose assemblies

Battery Pack Applications

The heart of an e-bus is its battery pack, and protecting it is crucial. With our fire retardant system for battery pack applications, including the battery pack gasket and compression pads between modules, you can trust us to keep your battery safe and functioning efficiently.

Battery Cooling
Battery cooling hose
Nylon Hose assemblies

Brake Applications

Safety and control are synonymous with our line of brake application products. We provide brake chamber diaphragms, air pressure valves, brake hose assemblies, and brake bunches, all designed to offer excellent braking power, delivering maximum safety and control for your e-bus mechanical system.

Brake chamber diaphragm
Air pressure valves
Brake hose assembly
Brake bunches

Antivibration systems

A smooth and comfortable ride is a priority, and our comprehensive range of anti-vibration system solutions guarantees just that. Our products include engine mounts, bushes, bolsters, center bearings and bushings, body mounts, and many more. Each of these components is meticulously designed to absorb vibrations and reduce noise, enhancing the passenger’s experience.

Engine mount
Centre bearing
Centre bushings
Body mounts
Rebound Stopper
Spring Seat
Stabi Bush
Motor Mounts
Engine and Strut Mounts
Conventional Mounts
Torsuin Arm Bush
CAB Mounts
Shackle Assembly
Transmission Isolators
Leaf Spring Hanger
Lead Spring Shackle