Body Components

Our range of body components, precisely designed and manufactured, contributes significantly to the durability and efficiency of your vehicle. From Grommets that ensure secure cabling, spacers that maintain correct gaps between automotive parts, straps that hold components in place, covers that offer protection, to beading that provides a perfect finish – we offer them all with unmatched precision and quality.


Braking system

Brakes are undeniably the most critical safety feature in any vehicle. Our range of products for braking systems includes top-notch brake hose assemblies that are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions while ensuring superior performance and safety.

Brake hose assembly

Battery Pack Applications

The safety and longevity of the battery pack are of paramount importance for efficient vehicle operations. Our fire retardant system comprises of a fireproof spacer, fireproof compression pads, a gasket, a fire jacket, and an ECU seal. These components safeguard the electronics, contributing to the overall safety and durability of the battery pack.

Fire Retardant System:
Fire proof SPACER
Fire Proof Compression pads
Fire Jacket
ECU Seal

Antivibration system

Vehicle comfort goes hand in hand with performance, and we’ve harnessed advanced manufacturing technology to craft system components that provide optimal comfort and ensure overall vehicle performance. Our reliable anti-vibration system components spanning bushes, suspension bushes, and wheel dampers, are all crafted to reduce vibrations, ensuring smooth riding experiences.

Suspension bushes
Wheel dampers