Custom Rubber Moulded Products : Benefits, Usage & Supplier in India

Rubber has a variety of uses in our daily life as well as in industries. Apart from the regular use of rubber items, there are many engineering applications where the rubber is used for flexibility, leakage control, cushioning, noise & vibrations control, etc. With a wide range of rubber parts for your product, it’s sometimes hard to get the right part that your application truly requires. As the leading custom rubber moulded products manufacturer in India, Sujan Industries produces and supplies rubber parts of different materials, dimensions, colors, static, durability, etc. as per the choice and requirements of our customers. We have an experienced technical team who closely works with our esteemed customers to provide the perfect solution for their requirements.

Industrial applications of customized rubber moulded parts

Various industries utilize customized rubber moulded parts for various applications. From Sealing to grommets to mounts, these critical parts are used in limitless applications. Here are a few of the basic industries:
Automotive:Door and window seals, engine mounts, NVH reduction parts etc.
Defence & Aerospace: Tracks and belts, seals, radiation protection, vibration reduction mounts etc.
Railway: Parts for track maintenance, brake items, Freight wagons, passenger coaches, locomotives etc.
Construction & Off-Highway: Bushings, engine mounts, noise control, bushings etc.
Agriculture: Noise control, vibration reduction, engine mounts, Cabin mount, bushings, bumpers etc.
Power & Electrical: Parts for Generators, water pumps, engines, circuit breakers, Junction Boxes, busways, transformers, cable management, etc.

We produce and deliver the premium quality of bespoke rubber products for almost all critical applications.

Benefits of custom rubber moulded parts

Custom rubber molding services are often customer-driven or delivered as per the requirements of the customers. Customers come up with the concept and choose the prototype. These components and their functions become unique as per the customer’s needs.

Some of the benefits of customer rubber molding parts are:

  • Can manufacture from one prototype to the entire volume, often ranging in millions.
  • Based on the design, there are various moulding options available.
  • Excellent for detailed parts that need high accuracy and precision.
  • Better aesthetic customization can be done with texture and color choices.

Manufacturing processes of the bespoke rubber moulded tools

The methods to manufacture the custom-made rubber moulded tools depend on various parts. Different processes for producing rubber products are:
Injection moulding: One of the preferable and most widely used methods of producing a rubber moulded parts is Injection moulding. So if you want to produce high-volume parts with precision, it will be an excellent choice.
Compression moulding: It’s another popular process for producing custom parts and the best one for low intricacy and low volume.
Transfer moulding: This process is best for producing low-volume parts and a good choice for producing intricate custom components.

The custom rubber moulded products manufacturers execute the design either in a reverse-engineering way or prototyping way.
Reverse-engineering: It’s specifically used when the parts have become more expensive or seized to work or there are some other reasons for canceled use by the producer of the parts. The manufacturers reverse engineered the parts so that the customers get identical the same parts with the features and properties that they require.
Prototyping: This method is used to create entirely new and unique designs that don’t depend on different parts.

Solve a problem with your existing custom rubber products

At Sujan Industries, we recommend the best solution to our customers at an early stage which improves the better functioning & life of the product. Our R&D team designs, analyses and validates the products to check their endurance and lifespan. Also, they suggest a way out or rectify the problems by providing the best design and material solution. Our Technical team regularly works with our customers to solve any issue they might face with their existing rubber products at the design and prototype phase.

Leading custom rubber moulded products manufacturer in India

Sujan Industries is the top manufacturer and supplier of rubber moulded, rubber to metal bonded, Stainless steel casting & plastic parts in India and abroad. We are catering to various industries like Automotive, Railways, Defense, Aerospace, Power, Electrical, heavy Engineering, Industrial etc. We always assure to deliver premium quality products with exceptional customization capabilities. So if you are looking for the best manufacturer for excellent quality products, get in touch with us.

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