The Rubber Wedge Couplings are mechanical devices used in the transmission system of the Railway Industry. It has a wide range of applications in Metros, Freight wagons, High-speed passenger coaches etc. In any mechanical device, the coupling is a part that connects two revolving shafts. The purpose of this connection is to transmit power from one part of the machine that produces power and the other part that absorbs it. And the rubber drive coupling is the technical element that is used to transmit torque and power between shafts in a smooth and safe way while holding huge angular misalignment, vibration and shock in the system. Sujan Industries is the leading manufacturer of customized Rubber Wedge Couplings and exporting to the overseas railway industry.

Set-Up of Rubber Wedge Couplings

This element is attached with the gearbox hollow shaft and on the other side; it stays frictionally attached with the wheelset axle. The coupling includes a gearbox spider, an intermediate shaft and an axle spider. The rubber wedge packages on the verge are installed into the gaps between the arms of the spiders under the pretension because of the shape of the wedge and are fastened to the intermediate shaft. The gearbox spider is attached to the gearbox hollow shaft with the help of cross toothing and screws. And the axle spider is fixed with the wheelset axle with the help of a conical press fit.

Under driving or braking torque, the rubber wedges are exposed to pressure load only, which is the preferred load direction for rubber elements. In all other directions, the rubber is subjected partly or entirely to shear stress. The spring characteristic values in this direction are lesser than the direction of the main load.

Design Advantages of Rubber Wedge Couplings

  • In dynamic mode, the coupling design behaves as self-centering. No systemic imbalance force rises to the surface.  
  • The tractive torque is transmitted as flexible as possible 
  • As the rubber volume is relatively large, alongside the gearbox toothing, the function of the drive unit is very quiet. 

Technical Details of Rubber Wedge Couplings

The gearbox spider and the axle spider contain high-grade spheroidal cast iron. The middle shaft has premium-grade cast aluminium. The rubber wedge packages have an aluminium wedge with both side’s vulcanized rubber and aluminium in-between plates. At each end, there’s a U-shaped aluminium holding and guiding plates.

Premium Quality Rubber Wedge Coupling Manufacturer in India: Sujan Industries

Sujan Industries is the top manufacturer, supplier & exporter of various critical application Rubber Parts, Rubber to metal bonded items, NVH Parts, Steel Casting components and Plastic goods for diverse industries like Railway, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Electric, Aerospace, Defense, Commercial Vehicles, overseas aftermarket, Power etc. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom made Rubber Wedge Couplings in India. Currently, we are exporting these products to the United States which are installed in New York Metro. We produce a variety of this product with multiple dimensions, angles for installation, and mechanical properties as per the requirements of our clients. Our in-house R&D centre & manufacturing workshops are equipped with the latest testing facilities and machinery. We always focus on giving cost-effective, excellent quality, and long-lasting technical products. We also ensure on-time delivery to our esteemed customers, irrespective of the location they are in.

Our Contribution to the Railway Industries

As one of the noteworthy part of Sujan Group, Sujan Industries is the top railway parts producing company in India. We design and manufacture an extensive range of customized products for the railway industry like railcar components, wagon, traction motor, fiat bogie & trucks items etc.

Some of our key products are rubber wedge couplings, gearcase seals, draft gear pads, ballast broom element, axle box pivot bush, ball joint traction lever, lateral bump stop, primary bump stop, traction centre elastic joint, rubber pad for primary suspension, rubber spring, rubber pad for longitudinal bump stop, upper rubber washer, lower rubber washer, bonded pad, rubber pad, chevron spring, Polyurethane wheel, break items etc.

To Put It Briefly,

Customers around the globe select Sujan Industries for our broad expertise, experience, quality of products and excellent customer service facilities. If you are looking for one of the best suppliers from India for Rubber Wedge Couplings or any other rail service items, Get in touch with us for further details. We will always assure you of our best service at any time.

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