Electricity plays an important part in our day-to-day life. It is one of the biggest blessings & innovation that science has given to us. We can’t imagine the survival of our daily life without it. Electricity is not only important for domestic use, but it is extremely important for all the things around us, such as industries, communication, transportation, commercial uses, etc. Sujan Industries is proud to be the leading supplier for such a great innovative industry that enables enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability & connectivity.

We produce a wide range of critical rubber components that are used in electric circuit breakers, control panels, moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB), junction boxes, push-button switches, enclosures, transformers, busways, cable management, and many more. With the history of excellence elongating back more than decades, we have been pushing the boundaries of technology to drive performance to the next level.

Key Rubber Material Used For Electrical Applications Products

The electrical industry always requires materials with tight tolerances to protect sensitive parts. Rubber being a great natural insulator and flexible product provides maximum resistance to water, heat, chemicals, etc. It is a bad conductor of electricity. Hence electricity cannot pass through the rubber material. Rubber has various properties like chemical resistance, protection from shock, withstand electromagnetic interference, and block the opening from outside particles like contaminations, dirt, and moisture. Also, it has the quality of being extremely durable and is easy to install.

Rubber materials like Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, etc. are widely used for producing rubber parts for electrical applications. A Silicone elastomer has higher dielectric strength and can resist high temperatures. Hence it is a nice fit for electrical insulation applications. EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber is a type of synthetic rubber that is electrically insulating and has waterproof properties. For such qualities EPDM is used in electrical insulators and connectors for cable and wire. Neoprene is fire and static electricity resistant. Hence as an insulator, it’s used widely in cables, power transformers, and other electrical applications.

Various Rubber Parts & Its Application In Electrical Equipment and Accessories

The power & energy sector has high-quality standards that must support the standards of safety and reliability. Sujan Industries has gained expertise in developing quality rubber parts for a wide range of electrical applications suitable for operations in all types of environmental conditions. We produce a wide range of high-quality rubber parts and supply them to the power & electric sector in India and abroad. Some of these electrical application rubber parts we produce are panel gaskets, thermoplastic plugs, damper, gost arm insulating sleeve, tie channel gasket, rubber joint adapter limiteur, moulded gaskets etc. Apart from these, there are some parts that are used to insulate the joints in the inter panel bus bar connection and connection between the breaker and the primary bar and these are the bushing sleeve, econ boot, busbar joint boot, etc. The various applications of these parts are:-

Switchgear Parts: EasyPact EXE, among the few other switchgear parts, is a range of vacuum circuit breakers that are specifically crafted to link building frame like ventilation, heating, lighting etc. and other industrial processes like MV motors, furnaces, LV motors, etc. to the power grid. Since it has improved safety and security features, it is widely used in keeping equipment and people safe.

Circuit Breakers & Switches: These are used to minimize the irregular power flow in different industrial uses. These parts are designed to be used in broad setups in commercial and industrial applications all over the world.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker: We also produce rubber parts for use in the vacuum circuit breaker. Among these products, the VR draw-out circuit breakers are used to protect and control the critical main service entrance and large installations like industrial plants, buildings, data centers, hospitals, utility generation systems, water plants, etc.

Switchboards & Enclosures: The waterproof low voltage electrical switchboards can operate in extreme conditions. The heavy-duty modular switchboards that come up with pre-fabrication to minimize the risk of any unforeseen issues are generally used in industries, factories, trains, and airplanes, etc.

Electrical Protection and Management: Here rubber parts are widely used in the protection of miniature circuit breakers, residential areas, surge protection devices, residual current devices, power distribution, installation, switch disconnectors, supervision, and switchboard control, electrical circuit control, direct connect, lighting, indication, modular devices, distribution boards, modular enclosures, sockets, surge protection devices, etc.

Indoor Circuit Breaker: We also supply quality rubber products for use in the indoor circuit breakers to ensure secured and reliable power.
Busway & cable management: Busway rubber parts are used to insulate the joints in inter panel bus bar connection and connection between breaker and the primary bar.

Wrap Up:

With the increasing demand for safety and productivity in the electrical industry, rubber products have experienced a tremendous requirement for their wonderful innovation & features. Sujan Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality rubber products, rubber to metal bonded components, Plastic Parts & Stainless steel Casting products catering to various sectors like electrical, power, automotive, railway, defense, aerospace, etc. in India as well as abroad. So for any relevant requirements, feel free to Get in touch with us.