Track N Go is the first-ever wheel-driven track system. It is an advanced rubber track system and was developed to quickly deploy vehicles, personnel, equipment in inaccessible and rough areas under difficult conditions of operations without damage to the personnel, equipment and causing minimal noise and radar signatures to evade enemy detection at the same time to have a robust system that can be used and reused for maximum deployments. This system has been originally designed and patented by AD Bovin, Canada, and deployed successfully in all-weather terrains in countries like Canada, the United States of America, and even in hotter deployments such as UAE. Considering the growing demand for modular track systems in the country, Sujan Industries has tied up with TrackNGo Canada to bring this technology to India. Sujan Industries is the sole authorized manufacturing partner of this system for the Indian Subcontinent. This system can be efficiently deployed in India for use by Army, Navy, IAF, Indian Coast Guard, Paramilitary forces, and by the disaster management organizations, etc.

Advantages of the Track N Go System

Being originated in Canada, this Track N Go system has various advantages as below:-

1. Quick Installation & Uninstallation

This system uses two loading ramps and allows you to install its 4 tracks anywhere. This system gets installed and uninstalled in less than 15 minutes.

2. Can use on all types of Surfaces

Track N Go is the only system available that can be used on any road surfaces like snow, sand, gravel, pavement, and mud, etc. It is also faster than any other tracked vehicle. On hard surfaces, the vehicle can travel to 60 km / h.

3. Universal & Versatile

This system is universal. It can be used on different vehicles in your fleet that has wheel adapters and bumper stoppers.

4. Durable & Easy to Drive & Turn

This unique concept provides a smooth ride on hard surfaces. When the tracks face any bump or an obstacle, the impact is absorbed by the tire which enables the system to become very smoother to ride than the conventional track system that is fixed to the vehicle. Also, as the track system is mounted directly on the tire, it simplifies the number of components and increases its mechanical reliability. The tire enables more flexibility and no steering resistance in order to keep the camber while turning corners. The wheel-mounted tracks need lesser effort from the power steering than any other track system with fixed installation.

5. Symmetric Performance

This unique system provides the same performance going in reverse or going forward. Its same design gives it this necessary advantage that provides you with better performance than other track systems in reverse motion. This is a good advantage when you need to get yourself out of bad circumstances.

6. An Advanced Track System with Closed Sides

The Track N Go is mounted with plates on each side of the track. These plates bring two key advantages to the system’s behavior. First, the plates work as a “side ski” in side-hilling conditions and will prevent the vehicle from sliding to the side, keeping it from getting stuck. The conventional track system with open sides tends to do the opposite. Secondly, as the tracks are isolated and enclosed, they will not throw off as much snow in the air and enhance visibility and safe driving.

7. Anti-driving Snow Deflector

The plates of TrackNGo system prevent the tracks from diving in deep snow and allow you to overcome any obstacles that might come in your way.

Key features of the Track N Go System

So you have known that this innovative mechanism, TrackNGo has a lot of advantages like easy to use on different road surfaces, easy to install and uninstall, multipurpose use in different directions etc. Now let’s know the mechanical features of the same.

1. The maximum weight per Axle is 2.8 tons and 1.4 tons per track.
2. It can pick a maximum speed of 64kmph.
3. It can turn a radius of 20 to 30 degrees while in motion.
4. Its maximum operating side slope is 25 degrees.
5. The track material is rubber with internal composite rods.
6. The wheel material is UHMW and Rubber.
7. The weight of each individual track is 375 lbs or 170 kgs.
8. The length of the track is 136 inches and the width is 15 inches.

Localization of the Track N Go System in Indian Subcontinent – Sujan Industries

Basically, Sujan Industries is the manufacturer, supplier & exporter of various rubber products, rubber to metal bonded items, plastic parts & Casting components to various industries like Railway, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Off-Highway, Power, Electrical, Casting, and Commercial Vehicles etc. From a quality control point, we are accredited with Class A/ISO 9001:2015/IATF 16949:2016 & have a full-fledged chemical and physical laboratory equipped with the latest testing machines. Having every facility in-house gives us complete control over quality & testing parameters from raw materials to the end product.

Looking at the deployments which India undertakes for guarding its borders and forward areas including the deployment of troops and personnel and equipment’s in islands under the control of India, Sujan Industries have tied up with M/s AD Bovin, Canada for transfer of technology and specs for development of the TrackNGo system within the country. Based on requirements projected by MOD /Service headquarters and paramilitary forces and NDMA and any such agencies which find this TrackNGo suitable and efficient for fast and quick deployment, the complete system would be developed under TOT by Sujan Industries within India with available resources and technology within Sujan Industries. Go through the below video link to understand how TrackNGo system works.

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