The product NBC pad is an acronym for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Shielding Pads. It is used in combat vehicles for radiation protection. The combat vehicles have a special lining material inside. These materials provide a certain degree of protection against radiation for different operations in a nuclear scenario. So these pads are mainly used in the battle tank for protecting the soldiers/fighters from nuclear radiation. Earlier these pads were imported from Russia. But now we, at Sujan Industries, are manufacturing and supplying high-quality various shapes of NBC pads to the Defense sector in India. Additionally, we have helped to reduce the density of this product from 1.8 g /cm3 Russian-made pads to 1.05 g /cm3 Sujan Industries made NBC pads, helping save up to 40% of NBC material mass from the tank weight.

Importance Of Nuclear Shielding Pads for Combat vehicles

Presently two types of radiation shielding polymer composite materials in the form of NBC pads are used in war vehicles T-72, T-90 and MBT-Arjun. Polymer composite shielding material is developed based on polymer matrix, specific fillers & anti-aging additives to meet the required shielding characteristics. In any nuclear field, nuclear explosions give rise to the immediate threat of heat, blast, and initial nuclear radiation. Besides that, there is also a delayed threat of fallout contamination. The radiation emitted within the first minute of a nuclear explosion of a nuclear weapon is called Initial Nuclear Radiation (INR). This consists of high-energy gamma rays and fast neutrons in the radiation.

Also, there are other additional radiations, alpha, and beta, that are absorbed within the near zone of the explosion. Primary gamma rays are best shielded with lead or high-density materials and fast neutrons are more effectively shielded by hydrogen. So hydrogen contents are enhanced in the polymer matrix of the composite shielding materials. The fast neutrons are slowed down to thermal energies by collision with the hydrogen atoms. Heavy atoms like lead will also restrict the fast neutrons by inelastic scattering at higher energies. Residual radiation or fallout radiation released later than one minute after the eruption of a nuclear weapon.

Chances of the fallout from a high airburst are practically negligible. It mainly happens in the case of ground burst or low airburst. Secondary gamma rays are created as a result of the collision of fast neutrons with hydrogen atoms. It can be reduced by adding lithium or boron. NBC pads play a vital role for combat vehicles in the defense industry to resist & protect such radiations for operation in nuclear scenarios.

Excellent Quality NBC Pads Manufacturer in India: Sujan Industries

With a deep understanding of material behavior, advanced technology, expertise and technical partnership with the Indian Defense Design organization, we have successfully developed NBC pads for T-90 & T-72 tanks which are produced in India. And now Sujan Industries is the largest manufacturer & supplier of NBC pads to protect cabin interiors from harmful radiations for the Indian defense industry from the last 30 years.

Besides, Sujan Industries has been a supplier to Indian Defense & Aerospace Installations for over 5 decades with our early association with HAL, Brahmos, ADA, BEML & HVF. We have developed various critical profile seals, gaskets & O-rings with different required polymers for MIG-21, MIG-27, and SU-30 etc. And recently Sujan industries have developed & successfully validated fabric reinforced Engine Air Inlet Seal for the LCA Aircraft.

Apart from these, we also produce and supply premium quality rubber products to various industries like Railway, Automotive, Off-Highway, Power, Electrical, Casting, and Commercial Vehicles etc. Get in touch with us to get best quality NBC pads & other relevant products for your Industry. We assure you our best service always.

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