Imagine your engine swinging along the body of your vehicle as you drive. Not an ideal scenario, right? Well, that would have been the case if it weren’t for motor mounts keeping the heart of your vehicle in place. If this part starts malfunctioning, you’ll notice undesirable symptoms in engine performance. 

But that is just one of the role engine mounts play. There are many other benefits you get when you opt for a quality mount. We at Sujan Industries – a leading supplier of engine mounts – have compiled a blog on the advantages of good mounts. 

Read on to know more. 

What are Motor Mounts?

The main purpose of a motor mount is to hold the engine in its designated position, especially during starts, turns, stops, and rocky/bumpy terrain. It has rubber insulators to reduce vibration and noise, cushioning your engine. So, in case a mount loses its stability, your engine can get misaligned or drop on one side, causing strain to the other end of the motor mount. 

Obvious noises like thuds or clunks, especially when you’ve stepped on the gas, shifting gears, or putting the car into reverse are indicators of a motor mount gone bad. However, people misinterpret these sounds as a problem with the transmission. Remember that the motor mounts do not fail or go bad suddenly. But when they do, your engine gets very unstable.

In fact, loose motor mounts can also affect other critical components like hoses, belts, radiators, transmission linkages, etc., causing more extensive damage. 

Benefits of Motor Mounts

1. Dampening vibrations and shocks

It’s no secret that engines can create heavy vibrations and loud noises, thanks to the inertial imbalances being created pistons. That’s why you need a good engine mount. Pick the wrong one, and you’ll be stuck with shuddering and noisy vehicle till you get it replaced. In worst cases, if you pick a spring with wrong stiffness or spring rate, you’ll amplify the noise. 

It’s not just unpleasant, but it can become a safety hazard and can damage the engine. Choose mounts that have natural rubber as they are great for vibration and noise control due to their resilience. If your engine will be in constant contact with fuels and oils, neoprene with be better. With its excellent dampening properties, it’s ideal for auto applications.

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2. Balancing Motion and Energy Absorption

You need to ensure that your engine mount strikes a good balance between motion allowance and energy absorption when you choose one. This balance contributes to the extent of engine vibration. For instance, if your engine mount doesn’t transfer energy efficiently, the assembly will vibrate and bounce more. 

On the contrary, if the mount has too much allowance, the engine may be exposed to damage from the excessive movement. That’s why you must choose a material that provides cushioning and stability. Both neoprene and natural rubber offer an optimum blend for effective support and firmness. 

But this combination isn’t necessary. Motor mounts made from almost all materials provide sufficient amount of stability to your engine. 

3. Cost Effective and Easy to Install

Purchasing a rubber engine mount will make the mount last longer, and in turn, your engine. By having proper isolation, you can save tons of money on repairs and engine replacement. Plus, they’re quite easy to install due to their design, again  saving you money on labour, and allowing you to get your assembly up and running in no time. 

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Wrapping Up

So, here’s all you need to know about motor mounts and their many benefits. With the right rubber mount, you can provide the best protection for your engine, and ensure that it’s secured firmly in place. 

And for the best automobile parts, Sujan Industries is here to help you out. Get in touch with us to know more about our products. Or, visit our website our to view our product catalogue.