Aftermarket parts are a replica of original components of the vehicle that are not made by original equipment manufacturer. These components are used as replacement parts for the original damaged parts. Leaf Spring Shackle & Leaf spring hangerare aftermarket parts used for automotive vehicles and Sujan Industries is the largest manufacturer and exporter of such parts in India.

What are Leaf Spring Shackles and Leaf Spring Hangers?

Leaf spring shackle is used in leaf spring suspension systems in heavy vehicles. It’s a free-hanging part that connects that springs to the frame of the vehicle. That free-hanging part called leaf spring shackle lets the leaf springs stretch and adjust when the car moves. Leaf spring shackles are a very crucial component. The shackle adjusts its shape while the leaf springs are enlarged to a certain length. So if there is no shackle, the spring will become stiff and its operation as a suspension system will get obstructed.

Leaf spring hanger is another important part that provides frame connections for the leaf springs and the shackles on the suspension system of an automotive vehicle. These hangers are made of stamped or cast steel and are fixed to the frame of the vehicle when it is assembled. On the rear leaf spring applications, the hangers are referred to as Front of Rear (FOR) or Rear of Rear (ROR). Similarly, on front leaf spring applications, it is called Front of Front (FOF) or Rear of Front (ROF).

How does a Leaf Spring Shackle and Leaf Spring Hanger Work?

Leaf springs are the standard suspension system of the trucks, cars etc. As these vehicles carry very heavy loads, the springs balance the weight that the vehicle picks up while receiving shocks from speed bumps and stony roads. But if there’s no shackle, the leaf springs can’t work. Leaf spring shackles have a direct impact on the quality of ride and suspension travel of the vehicle.

On the hanger part, the forward hanger is directly connected to the spring with the bolt that goes through the hanger and the spring eye. The rear hanger is connected to a shackle with a bolt that goes through the shackle and spring hanger and the leaf spring shackle keeps it attached to the leaf spring. Hence, the shackle is a link that lets the spring change length when it is loaded and unloaded. If there is no shackle link, the suspension would not have any way to flex.

Importance of Leaf Spring Shackle and Leaf Spring Hanger in a Vehicle:

In any truck’s suspension system, the leaf spring is a vital component. It’s a key part in centering the truck’s axle and supporting the weight of the vehicle. The shackle lets the springs of the vehicle extend as the car moves through different surfaces of the roads like bumps, rocks, uneven potholes etc. the shackle allows the length of the leaf springs to change accordingly during the movements of the suspension.

For instance, when the leaf springs squeeze, its length increases, whereas, the spring arc becomes flatter. Again, when the leaf springs relax, its length becomes shorter, whereas the arc becomes normal. And these entire movements are possible because the shackles allow them. Without the shackles, the leaf spring suspension system of the vehicle cannot work properly, which would cause a rough ride and disastrous functioning of the vehicle.

Apart from that, the other purpose of the leaf spring shackle is to maintain the balance of the vehicle. In the suspension system, shackles are placed at the rear part of each leaf spring. They join the springs to the frame of the vehicle through an eye spring Boult. As the leaf springs cannot carry all the weight, they depend on shackles to expand and help the system run properly. While driving over a speed bump on roads, the suspension responds to the bump and the shackles let the springs to bear the bumpy force. It prevents the vehicle from hitting the ground. Thus, the pickup tires stay in contact with the road with the help of suspension shackles.

The leaf spring hanger helps the leaf spring to stay connected with the chassis of the vehicle. Hangers are the support to the leaf spring, whereas the shackles keep the tires in contact with the track in a bumpy ride. These shackles and hanger are the key parts in any suspension system and they allow the leaf spring to function properly.

When to Replace a Leaf Spring Shackle and Leaf Spring Hanger?

If there’s no shackle, the leaf spring of the vehicle would be unable to expand. So if the car hits a bump, the tire would have no contact with the road surface. Thus the shackle helps the car to adapt and remain steady on the uneven road surface. So while dealing with the replacement of leaf spring shackles, you’ve to reach the best manufacturers of the aftermarket parts.

With time and repeated uses, the shackles become worn out, rusted and even break apart. On the other hand, the main reason for the replacement of leaf spring hangers is corrosion and damage. The hanger shape might cause debris and moisture to stick in the hanger and as time passes, the hanger becomes lean and gets rust holes. Corrosion damages the strength of the leaf spring hanger and sometimes, it might be broken into pieces. Also, negligence of the suspension system can also harm the leaf spring hanger.

Hence, these issues might cause more unexpected movements of the vehicle and affect the ride. So if you’re experiencing any hampered ride or the car is not behaving properly, it might be time you look for changing the leaf spring shackle or hanger of your vehicle. If the shackles are worn out or rusted, and the hanger is damaged or rusted, replace them immediately to avoid unforeseen and dangerous situations for the vehicle as well as others on the road and reap the benefits of a more stable and safe journey

Leading Producer of Leaf Spring Shackle & Leaf Spring Hanger: Sujan Industries

Sujan Industries is the top producer of leaf spring shackle and leaf spring hanger in India. We manufacture, export and deliver custom-made aftermarket components for any type of vehicle according to our client’s requirements. So if you’re looking for the best leaf spring shackles and hangers for your vehicles, Get in Touch with us and let’s take the business forward.

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