Sujan Industries is a leading manufacturer, supplier & Exporter of various rubber moulded, Rubber to metal bonded items, extruded, plastics & Stainless steel casting products with 42 years of on-ground experience in various industries like Railway, Metro, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Heavy Engineering, Industrial, Power & Electric etc. Sujan Industries is the premium quality manufacturer & exporter of Locomotive gearcase seals and EMD gearcase seals. With scrupulous testing, compact methodology, advanced manufacturing processes and quality control measures at the in-house workshop of Sujan Industries have allowed us to provide an extremely high-quality product and OEM seal solution to the Railway Industry. These high-end products nurture excellence, particularly in a very harsh and demanding backdrop.

Applications of Locomotive Gearcase Seal & EMD Gearcase Seal

Locomotive or engine is a rail carriage that provides the motive power to the railway vehicle. This is a commonly used self-propelled vehicle for any passenger railcar and day by day its usage is increasing in the Railway Industry. And since the last few decades, Sujan Industries has positioned itself as one of the leaders of unparalleled quality gearcase seals. With advanced in-house testing facilities, Sujan Industries has accumulated exceptional technical expertise in producing and supplying gearcase seal for both locomotive and EMD vehicles in the global market.

We produce the gearcase seals from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is having lot of key properties like low compression set, resistance to abrasion, oil, petroleum products, hydrocarbons, ozone and various weather conditions etc. These polyurethane seals are designed and manufactured essentially for preventing grease leakages from the traction motor gear cases in a different type of locomotive vehicles. Our gearcase seals with multiple features provide our clients with the optimum assurance that their locomotive vehicles will be leakage free. In line with that, these high-quality locomotive gearcase seals and EMD gearcase seals with perfect reliability will maximize the productivity of the entire railway system as well.

Our Contribution to the Railway Industries

As one of the noteworthy part of Sujan Group, Sujan Industries is the top railway parts producing company in India. We design and manufacture an extensive range of customized products for railway industry like rail car components, wagon, traction motor, fiat bogie & trucks items etc.

Some of our key products are gearcase seals, draft gear pads, ballast broom element, axle box pivot bush, ball joint traction lever, lateral bump stop, primary bump stop, traction center elastic joint, rubber pad for primary suspension, rubber spring, rubber pad for longitudinal bump stop, upper rubber washer, lower rubber washer, bonded pad, rubber pad, chevron spring, Polyurethane wheel, break items etc.

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Quality is Our Primary Focus – Sujan Industries

Sujan Industries believes that the commitment to quality is the ultimate way to win the client’s trust in any business. Hence, for manufacturing all our products, there are thorough analysis and testing processes in place. Our mission is to offer the Railway Industry a complete solution by providing various premium quality safety items. Our complete line of premium OEM seal solution for the Railway Industries is capable of operating our client’s business safely and efficiently. Years of experience of our veteran engineers and technicians, coupled with the knowledge and expertise of our management and R&D team allows Sujan Industries to bring the superior quality solution and experience to our clients across the globe.

Taking Everything Into Account for Locomotive Gearcase Seal & EMD Gearcase Seal

Customers around the globe select Sujan Industries for our broad expertise, experience, quality of products and excellent customer service facilities. If you are looking for best supplier for excellent quality gearcase seals to solve issues related to grease leakages from traction motor,Get in Touch with us & we ensure your locomotive will be leak free allowing better productivity.