The ballast broom element is made of natural rubber and is used for sweeping the ballast on the railroad tracks. Railway ballast is the foundation of a railway track, which endures the loads from the wheels through rails and sleepers. But sometimes there comes excess ballast on the railroad, which, if not cleared, might create issues with rail transportation.

So to remove the excess ballast from the track, Sujan Industries produces the best quality and long-lasting ballast broom element out of natural rubber. We supply premium ballast broom elements to the Indian as well as global market for enhanced performance and convenience of the entire railway system.

Applications and Advantages of Our Ballast Broom Element

Ballast broom element is used in a ballast regulator machine, which is used to shape and distribute the gravel supporting the ties in railway tracks. The ballast broom element we produce fits all standard ballast regulator machines and its heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance to our clients.

The broom operates on its 4 tracking rollers and is connected to the supporting vehicle with a coupling rod. There are four hoisting lugs that help to load and unload the ballast broom. Below are the high-functioning merits of our ballast broom:

  • Faster and more productive work
  • Efficiently cleans the railway track
  • Considerably less manpower is required
  • Better utilization leads to longer functional times

At Sujan Industries, these products are manufactured from high-hardness natural rubber formulations and are specifically designed to provide flexibility and durability and to increase the operational lifetime of each element.

Maintenance of the Ballast Broom Element

As one of the most potential products of Sujan Industries, when the broom is utilized to brush away the ballast on ties or tie cribs, the powerful construction confirms the efficient removal of excess ballast without damaging the rail or ties. Also, its dimension is compatible with the most widely used ballast regulator machines.

Over time and continuous use, a broom might get worn-out and this may lead to uneven ballast on railway tracks. So to avoid the risk of integrity on the track, check your brooms at regular intervals. If it’s found to be well worn, it’s better to switch the broom element to a newer one, as proper maintenance of the broom and the entire machine will always lead to desired outcomes.

Exporter of Premium Quality Ballast Broom Element

Sujan Industries is the largest producer and exporter of Railway components & Rail track maintenance Products in the overseas market. We produce a wide range of railcar components made out of rubber, like Ballast broom, bonded pad, Chevron spring, Rubber pad, Rubber spring, Axle box pivot bush, Ball joint traction lever, Ball joint roll link, lateral bump stop, brake items, Draft gear pad, PU seal, and so on. Also, irrespective of dimension, geometry, and weight, we have complete capability of manufacturing and exporting the premium quality ballast brooms, as per the requirements of our clients.

We develop an extensive range of customizing hollow& solid style broom elements that have a proven performance record in the most resilient conditions. The specially developed composition, along with the innovative production techniques, has led Sujan Industries to flourish in the worldwide export market.

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Why Choose Sujan Industries?

Sujan Industries is the top manufacturer, supplier & exporter of various critical application Rubber Parts, NVH Parts, Steel Casting and Plastic goods for diverse industries like Railway, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Electric, Aerospace, Defense, Commercial Vehicles, overseas aftermarket, Power and so on. With our in-house establishment armed with the latest technical equipment and expert technicians, we focus on giving cost-effective, excellent quality, and long-lasting technical products. We also ensure on-time delivery to our esteemed customers, irrespective of the location they are in.

So if you’re looking for the premium quality products for railways or other industrial applications by Sujan Industries-One of the top Railway parts manufacturers in India, or want to import the premium quality Ballast Broom Element or other rubber goods for your business growth in the global market, Get in Touch with us for further details and more relevant information.