Sujan Industries is India’s leading Anti-vibration rubber mounts manufacturer delivering premium quality rubber parts to industries of all scales. AV Mounts are the crucial automotive parts that help to reduce vibration and noise in any heavy equipment and machinery. These highly effective rubber parts come with a wide range of different uses.

In the automotive industry, Anti-vibration rubber mounts provide support to the engine that minimizes the noise and vibration that passes to the vehicle chassis. This unwanted trouble affects the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the instruments that are used in the industries. AV mounts possess higher shock absorption qualities and work as a vibration dampener to minimize noise, reduce damage and wear and enhance the lifespan of the appliances.

How to select anti-vibration rubber mounts?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered while selecting the best anti-vibration mounts for your installation. So these following factors influence the type of product that you need.

  • Total weight of the equipment or machinery
  • Frequency
  • Static deflection of the mounts
  • Required load per mounting

How many types of Anti-vibration mounts are there?

With the choice of the correct type of mount, you can increase the lifespan of machinery and operation by reducing the effects of vibration, noise and shock. Sujan Industries manufactures and supplies a wide variety of mounts for various industrial applications:

1. Conical mounts: Conical mounts or rubber cone mounts are commonly used in engine mounts and transmission for trucks, buses, construction, agricultural vehicles. They isolate shock and vibration in the machine, carry the high load, assure a secured way out of all the vibration and noise issues, provide a progressive deflection, easy installation facilities, protect against heavy load in tension or excessive forces and compression.

2. Cylindrical mounts: Premium quality stainless steel and natural rubber are used to make cylindrical mounts. These are the best parts that reduce noise, shock, and vibration in any instrument. Also, they isolate active and passive vibrations.

3. Bushing mounts: Commonly used in auxiliary instruments, motor vehicles, drilling instruments, general machinery, heavy and light duty equipment, farm, harvesters, cooling towers, combines, construction machinery, earth-moving machinery, and so on. They help minimize and absorb too many static and dynamic vibrations in a machine.

4. Sandwich mounts: Sandwich mounts are key rubber parts for vibration absorption in a wide range of mechanical instruments. There are different types, sizes, shapes, and materials of sandwich mounts that are used for anti-vibration, heavy load, noise absorption, and high compression requirements. They also minimize breakage and improve the longevity of the internal components like the engine and frame, thereby protecting the machines from unwanted shock and vibration.

Are you looking for a leading anti-vibration rubber mounts manufacturer in India?

Sujan Industries is the leading anti-vibration rubber mounts manufacturer in India that delivers premium quality rubber parts for vibration and noise reduction. Apart from that, we supply various rubber & rubber to metal bonded components to various industries like Railway, Automotive, Off-highway, Defence, Aerospace, Electrical, and Power, etc. We have our in-house manufacturing facilities where our experts produce top-quality products for different applications. With our hard work and dedication, we ensure all our deliverables are durable, high quality, and ensure on-time delivery to our customers. So if you want to buy the right AV mounts for your industry, get in touch with us.