Control arms or Control links are critical safety components of a vehicle suspension system, primarily manufactured for the rail vehicles to support axle location and to resist braking & traction forces. It can also be used in other industries vehicle suspension systems like Automotive, Off-highway etc.

What are Control Links and Control Arms?

Control links or Control arms link the vehicle chassis & suspension hub that carry the wheel. These are the important component of a vehicle suspension system that allows wheels to move in line with the vehicle body. In the rail industry, it helps the bogie to safely negotiate the curved track. Generally, they are made up of three major components.

Components of Control links:

The primary parts of the control links are:

  1. Bushing
  2. Ball joint
  3. Link

The bushings are usually rubber or rubber to metal bonded bushings and they help to connect the body of the control links to the frame of the vehicle. It also helps to reduce the noise. However, the ball joint helps to connect the body to the wheel side of the suspension of the vehicle. So when the parts are combined and work together, they ensure a smooth and controlled movement of the vehicle, especially when turning, pivoting, and driving on the road. They allow the wheels to move up and down while ensuring stability by keeping contact with the ground. When steering, the control arms also minimize vibration and friction.

Control Links are usually made of steel, aluminum, or cast iron depending upon the application and customer requirements.

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Control links or Control Arms at Sujan Industries

At Sujan Industries, we manufacture various types of rubber moulded, rubber to metal bonded components, and anti-vibration mounts as per customer requirements for a wide variety of applications in Railway, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Off-highway industries, etc.

We manufacture various bespoke designs of control links or control arms as per application requirements to ensure durability and longer service life.

Key Features of the Control Links or Control Arms by Sujan Industries

  • CAE Design Analysis
  • Static & Durability testing and validation to exceed minimum requirements
  • Bond test validation
  • Corrosion Protection on Steel components
  • Precision tolerances for easy installation & alignment

Our contribution to Railroad Industry

Due to the rapid advancements in railway technology, railway transport is becoming more reliable public transport all over the world. And Sujan Industries is one of the leading contributors to this fast-growing technology supplying various components to the Indian & overseas Railroad industry to fulfill customer requirements. We manufacture & supply a wide range of speciality engineering rubber products, rubber to metal bonded items, polyurethane products, and Casting Components for passenger coaches, freight wagons, locomotives and tracks. Some of them are listed below:

  • Primary bump stop
  • Rubber pad for primary suspension
  • Rubber pad for longitudinal bump stop
  • Traction centre elastic joint
  • Lateral bump stop
  • Rubber spring
  • Ball joint roll link
  • Ball joint traction lever
  • Axle box pivot bush
  • Rubber wedge couplings
  • Deployer Wheel
  • Ballast Broom Element
  • Locomotive gearcase seal
  • Chevron Spring
  • Bonded Pad
  • Polyurethane Roller
  • Control Links
  • Locomotive Side Bearer
  • Upper & Lower rubber washer
  • Draft Gear Pads (RF8/RF9)
  • Sandwich Mount

Casting Components:

  • Constant Contact Side Bearer (CCSB)
  • Centre Pivot Top & Bottom
  • Striker Casting
  • Yoke Pin Support
  • Cast Wheel
  • Pallet End Casting
  • Yoke
  • Knuckle
  • Coupler

Highly equipped in-house manufacturing and testing facilities are our key to producing & delivering premium quality durable products to our customers. To know more about Sujan Industries Control links, Control Arms or any other relevant product for your industry, get in touch with us.