In the overseas automotive industry, the best supplier of aftermarket parts is always highly esteemed and Sujan Industries has gained worldwide fame and recognition in producing, supplying & exporting wide variety of automotive aftermarket parts for different vehicles like Car, Truck, Trailer & Tractors.

Best Supplier of Aftermarket Parts in India for Overseas Market

Aftermarket parts are the replica of the original vehicle parts that are produced by a third party company. Also known as generic parts, non-OEM parts or competitive replacement parts, these are mainly used to repair an automotive vehicle. In this scenario, Sujan Industries has been delivering excellent quality of aftermarket parts to the worldwide market since 1988.

Since our inception, we have been providing multiple options for automotive replacement parts to our B2B clients and are committed to on-time delivery of the products. Among the various products we supply, the most demanding ones are mentioned below:

  • Strut Mount :

Strut mount is a component that is used to attach the suspension strut to the vehicle and protects the vehicle from tire noise and vibration. The Front Strut Mount helps to hook the strut assembly to the vehicle, whereas, the Rear Strut Mount is attached to the strut. And in the middle, there is a rubber-like insulating material.

So when the vehicle is in motion and goes over bumps, the agitation pushes and pulls at the mount. Then the Suspension Strut Mount, at the top of the suspension strut assembly, dampens the vibration and noise while the entire strut guards the impacts to mitigate the jarring effect, noise and vibration from spreading in the vehicle.

Now when the struts or coil springs are replaced due to decline or weariness, the mounts also demand to be replaced. Sujan Industries, as the top supplier of aftermarket auto parts for overseas market in India, produces the superior quality and custom strut mounts and delivers all over the world to help the automotive vehicles absorb bumping noises, unwanted vibration, and other nuisances and ensure a smooth ride. Apart from these, we produce Strut Lower Bushing, Shock Absorber Bumper parts as well.

  • Leaf Spring Shackle :

In the leaf spring suspension of any automotive car, there is a free-hanging connector, which is called leaf spring shackle, that connects the springs to the frame of the vehicle. It’s a tiny but critical part and lets the leaf springs stretch and adjust while the car is in motion. The shackles adjust themselves while the leaf springs stretch and are enlarged to a certain length. So, without the shackles, the spring would be more rigid and its function as a suspension system would be hampered.

Thus, when the leaf springs and shackles are worn out due to long usage, it demands a replacement. And as the winning supplier of Aftermarket parts, we, at Sujan Industries produce top quality of the entire leaf spring shackle kit and supply all over the world. Apart from that, we deliver premium quality leaf spring bracket kit, leaf spring shackles, and hangers, and many aftermarket spare parts to ensure smooth functioning of the suspension system of a vehicle.

Besides, we deliver a rich array of quality aftermarket parts that are equally durable, extend the longevity of the vehicle, and ensure user satisfaction as well.

Why Leverage Sujan Industries for Quality Aftermarket Parts in India for Overseas Market?

Although Sujan Industries is the leading aftermarket parts manufacturer in the country, it has earned worldwide recognition for delivering topmost quality of automotive replacement parts for all types of vehicles to overseas customers. The spare parts for cars or the heavy-duty & commercial vehicle parts that we deliver have the below-mentioned qualities:

Cost Effective:

Compared to the original automotive parts, the aftermarket auto parts that we manufacture costs less. We don’t commercialize the Car, Truck & Trailer parts based on the brand name with higher prices. That’s how we have accumulated our client’s trust, loyalty and appreciation.

High Quality:

While our team of engineers and other technicians do research for making such products, they learn the weaknesses of the original parts and dedicate themselves to eliminate them in the aftermarket parts. That’s how we produce higher quality parts.

On Time Delivery:

We strive to ensure the on-time delivery of the products by maintaining sufficient inventory, monitoring production, efficiency, & building strong relationships with our suppliers. This has enabled us to provide client satisfaction and also let us emerge as the most esteemed aftermarket parts supplier in the industry.

Wrap Up

As the leading supplier of aftermarket parts in India for the overseas markets, the auto parts we manufacture are of high quality, durable, and deliver excellent convenience to the user. There is a rich array of spare parts, components, and accessories available for replacement of the original Car, Truck & Trailer Parts in our company.

So, if you’re looking for a India’s quality and trusted supplier of automotive aftermarket replacement parts, Get in Touch with us and see how our service exceeds your expectations!

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