In the Electrical Industry, rubber products have a wide range of applications. The rubber parts manufactured by Sujan Industries, the top Rubber products manufacturers in India are used as an essential component in Circuit breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB), Control panels, Push button switches, Junction boxes, Enclosures, Light fittings, Luminaries, Flame-proof equipment, Transformers, Cable glands and many more.

Why Is Rubber used in the Electrical Industry?

You must be wondering that there are other materials, too, in the world. Then what is so special in rubber?

The answer is simple. Rubber is a great insulator and resilient product that also provides optimum resistance to water.

  • Insulation:

Metals and the materials with metal-like structure are the good conductors of electricity. But rubber is naturally dielectric, that means, electric waves cannot pass through rubber.

In the conductive material, the atoms have got some free electrons on the outer side. This is called conduction bands. Here the electrons can freely move from one atom to another. This is one of the primary properties of the conductors. The movement of electrons in a conductor is what we call electrical current.

Now, if a material lacks these free electrons, it will not be able to conduct electricity. We generally call it an insulator. And rubber lacks these free electrons in its structure.

So rubber has a high resistance against the flow of heat or electricity. It prevents the threatening effects of electricity from being transferred to another object. This aspect of rubber also causes the electrons to slow down. That is why rubber is the most natural and efficient insulator found in the world.

  • Resiliency or Elasticity:

Rubber being an insulator or bad conductor of electricity has become a very essential part of the electrical industry.

Apart from that, the electrons in the molecules of rubber are very tightly bound. They usually require a lot of force to split up. That is why elasticity is a great quality of a rubber product. Besides, resistance to water is another excellent nature of rubber.

In an electrically charged atmosphere, protecting electrical components as well as providing safety and protection to the project operator is of utmost importance.

So to ensure safety and optimum productivity, a wide range of high-grade industrial rubber products are used. These have a variety of applications in the electrical industry.

Application of Rubber Parts in the Electrical Industry

Different rubber parts produced by Sujan Industries, the leading rubber company in India are used as the main component in various electrical safety mechanisms. So while manufacturing the products, we always focus on maintaining optimum safety standards and regulations.

The rubber components used in producing electrical items have got a large-scale spread in the following applications:

Switchgear Components

Among the switchgear components, EasyPact EXE is a range of vacuum circuit breakers that are particularly designed to link building infrastructure like heating, ventilation, lightning etc. and also industrial plant processes like MV motors, LV motors, furnaces etc. to the power grid. Because of having enhanced safety features, it is used to keep the people and equipment safe.

Circuit Breakers and Switches

Circuit breakers and switches are used to reduce the flow of irregular power in various industrial and naval applications. These components are crafted to be used in high scale setups like buildings, data centers and shopping centers and are trusted by industrial and commercial setups across the world.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Sujan Industries, the top rubber product manufacturer in India, also produce components for use in the vacuum circuit breaker. Among these products, the VR drawout circuit breakers are used to protect and control the critical main service entrance and large installations like industrial plants, buildings, data centers, hospitals, utility generation systems, water plants etc.

Switchboards and Enclosures

The low voltage electrical switchboards are waterproof and are skilled to operate in extreme and hostile environments. The heavy duty modular switchboards, generally are used in factories, industries, onboard automotive like trains and aeroplanes etc. They come up with prefabrication to reduce the risk of short circuit or other unforeseen problems.

Electrical Protection and Control

In this section rubber products are widely used in panel and protection for residential areas, Miniature circuit breakers, Residual current devices, Surge protection devices, Switch disconnectors, Installation, connection, power distribution, supervision and switchboard control, Monitoring and control of protection, Electrical circuit control, Lighting, time and energy management, Indication, Direct connect, Modular devices, Modular enclosures, Distribution boards, Sockets and enclosures for power outlet, Surge protection devices and so on.

Indoor Circuit Breakers

The Rubber products supplied by Sujan Industries are also used as components in indoor circuit breakers for safe and reliable power. These circuit breakers bring peace of mind to the switchgear panel builders and users in any MV application and others.

Various Rubber Parts Used in the Electrical Industry

So you have got an idea of the fields in the electrical industry that have seen an increased growth in using rubber products. Now, let us have a look at some specific rubber components that are widely used in the electrical industry.

Pantograph Insulator

  • It is used in the high power transmission lines
  • It is very lightweight and easy to handle, as compared to the conventional ceramic alternatives
  • Due to the use of polymeric materials, the component is impact resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • For this component, standard designs are available. But for specific applications, customized designs can also be produced.

Silicon Covers

Sujan Industries also produces silicon covers for the electrical industry. A critical part having insulation properties for electrical tracking in a vacuum interrupter known as the heart of the breaker.

Arm Sleeves Vision Family of Products

  • Shield Insulator to prevent electrical tracking when it is heated on RYB phase of EasyPact EXE
  • Vacuum circuit breaker up to 17.5kV

Rubber Components

  • Rubber components are used for manufacturing electrical control and switchgear products
  • Gaskets for enclosures, junction boxes
  • Station and junction gaskets (Utype, C-type, A-type)
  • Boots, dust covers
  • Bellows

Multi-way Busbar Joints

  • This component is used inside switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures for local high current power distribution.


  • In the electrical industry a damper acts as a shocker in Circuit breaker

Wrap Up:

With the increasing demand for safety and productivity in the electrical industry, rubber products have experienced a tremendous requirement for its wonderful features. Sujan Industries, being the leading manufacturer of rubber components has been serving the nation with quality products since eternity.

If you have any related queries, feel free to get in touch with us and experience a spark in your business growth.