India has earned the greatest eminence and excellence in producing natural rubber and exporting quality rubber products across the world. And with 25% of contribution in the export sale of the country, Sujan Industries is becoming one of the leading exporter of rubber products in India by giving excellent services to the clients.

By delivering the finest quality rubber goods to the various overseas sectors like Metros, Railway, Automotive, Power, Commercial Vehicle, Automotive Aftermarket etc. since 1988, Sujan Industries has gained huge recognition and fame in the American Market.

Largest Manufacturer & Leading Exporter of Rubber Products in India

There’s a wide range of rubber products that Sujan Industries delivers in the overseas market. The products are, but not limited to the following:

  • Draft Gear Pads: It is installed in the rear of the railcar and by connecting the cars it bears the impact force between railcars while accelerating and braking. These draft gears are used in railroad across the world that have heavy haul traffic.
  • Ballast Broom: The structure of the Ballast Broom is made of electro welded carpentry and it is used to clean the track and remove excess ballast to ensure smooth operation of the machine.
  • Leaf Spring Shackles: The free hanging leaf spring shackles in the leaf spring suspension of any automotive car, connects the springs to the frame of the vehicle and lets the leaf springs stretch and adjust while the car is in motion.
  • Strut Mount: Strut mount is a component that is used to attach the suspension strut to the vehicle and protects the vehicle from unwanted tire noise and vibration.
  • Engine Mounts and Bushes : These are heavy duty mountings that are used in the automotive industry like trucks, car engines, generator sets, industrial machineries and agriculture vibratory feeders. Engine Mounts and Bushes are used for high vertical static and shock load in compression while simultaneously providing high isolation value in the horizontal shear direction.
  • Polyurethane Seals : These are designed to endure extreme conditions and simultaneously maintain the resilience needed to seal in the most demanding industrial applications. These seals are molded to tight tolerances and are generally used in medium duty applications.

Apart from all these products we are constantly striving towards expanding our range of products.

Industrial Tie-ups of Sujan Industries

With an aspiration to reach every corner of the global market and manage the export of rubber products from India, Sujan Industries is constantly in the pursuit of industrial tie-ups and growth. In line with that, in the year 2004, the company tied its partnership with Miner Enterprises, the world’s leading impact energy Management Company that has been dominating the US Railroad market since the last few decades for the supply of side bearings in India. And to strengthen the partnership, Sujan Industries has been exporting RF8 pads to Miner Enterprises for the SL-76 draft gear application since 2010, catering to the American, African, and Indian railroad industry.

These rubber pads are used in high capacity draft gears like SL76. These are mainly manufactured to AAR-M901E specifications. The Miner-Sujan TecsPak® Constant Contact(TCC) side bearings help mitigate the railcar life-cycle costs as it ensures remarkable control over the railcar truck hunting. These products, being produced to AAR M948 specifications, allow railcars to operate at high speeds with a well-reduced truck and wheel wear.

As a joint venture with Miner Enterprises, Sujan Industries aims to be the market leader for exporting very high technology components for the Coach Manufacturing industry. In addition to that, they supply the following rubber parts used in railway industry across the globe:

  • Bonded Pad
  • Rubber Pad
  • Chevron Spring
  • Brake Items
  • Ball Joint Traction Lever
  • Lateral Bump Stop
  • Traction Center Elastic joint
  • Axle Box Pivot Bush
  • Primary Bump Stop
  • Rubber Spring
  • Rubber Pad for Longitudinal Bump Stop
  • Upper Rubber Washer
  • Lower Rubber Washer
  • Ballast Broom
  • PU Seal
  • PU Wheel
  • Draft Gear Pads etc.

Apart from the offices and manufacturing units in India, Sujan Industries has a branch office & warehouse in the US. As per the requirement of our clients, we provide Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) services, Free On Board (FOB) services, Ex-works services and many more, with absolute responsibility and dedication.

What’s the Secret Sauce for Sujan Industries?

Well, for any enterprise to get success and recognition in the worldwide market, the only required thing is its intention and ability to produce and export high-quality products. With an aspiration to become the global brand, focusing on disruptive engineering, understanding customer needs and delivering the right design solution to optimize the cost, Sujan Industries always strives to improve the quality of their products, management, and operations, keeping engineering disruption and value creation at the core of their daily business.

Thus, our ethics, values, and work capabilities have enabled us to accumulate appreciation from our esteemed and potential clients like Miner Enterprise, Federal-Mogul, DANA, and many more. This way, Sujan Industries has conquered the overseas market in export of rubber products. And it’s our honor that we are satisfying our customers by Manufacturing, Supplying & Exporting the best quality products with the best Packing standard.

Wrap Up:

Absolutely driven by honesty, integrity, and transparency in communication and with an extensive emphasis put on innovation and commitment to produce and export only high-quality products, the company is always in the pursuit of finding newer and cleaner ways to power the world. Thus, apart from maintaining unparalleled quality standards in all the layers of production and with its approach to cutting-edge apparatus, and dedicated R&D team, Sujan Industries widens its concept of perfection to the superlative.

So if you are interested to Import best quality rubber products from India, Get in Touch with us and let’s take your business to the next level of success.