What are control arms?

In any railway vehicle, control arms & rubber bushing play a vital role in the overall system and operation. This part creates a link between the chassis and the suspension of a car. You’ll find these controlling arms in various sizes and shapes but you can easily recognize them even among a lot of other railway parts. Primarily these are visible metal structures that lie in the body of the vehicle to the wheel assembly.

What is the purpose of control arms?

Control arms that are used in the railway industry are mainly known as control links. These are manufactured to help axle location and resistance to breaking and traction forces. With these parts, you can navigate the railway vehicle while also keeping the wheels of the vehicle on the surface. Apart from that, controlling arms help dampen the vibration that arises from the engine of the railcar while it is in motion. And the entire sides of the controlling arms help in granting the required movement of the railcar components, thereby ensuring a safe and adequate railway operation.

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How do control arms work?

In any railway vehicle, there are either one or two control links or arms on each wheel on both the front and rear suspension. These parts are typically L-shaped, A-shaped, or wishbone-shaped but the designs vary from one vehicle to another depending on the suspension structure. At each end, these parts have a connection point that helps them attach the frame of the railway vehicle to the steering knuckle of the wheel. These arms at the frame link to a hinge by bushings and bolts. The bushings help mitigate the vibration and noise while ensuring that the operation of the railway system is comfortable and hassle-free.

Apart from these, there are other crucial parts in the railway system and one of these is a sandwich mount. As the name suggests, sandwich mounts are made of steel and rubber parts where a rubber plate is sandwiched between two metal parts, giving it the shape of a sandwich.

What are the key roles of control arms in the railway industry?

In a railcar, control arms & rubber bushing are welded on the side frame of the compartment and used for the fitting of the dampers. They are used as the crucial parts of the railway suspension system. Mostly they aid in the location of the axle and the resilience of the braking and traction forces.

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However, there can be a few warning signs for damaged control links and you need to be vigilant about those to ensure that there is the proper operation of the railway system. There can be popping and snapping sounds in the vehicle with damaged control links. Also, if there is a failing control arm, you can notice knocking and clunking sounds from the suspension system of the railcar. However, with us, you’ll get premium-quality sandwich mounts for your industrial needs as well.


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