Engine Mount: A General Overview with System Analysis & Applications

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Engine mounts are the key parts of any motorized vehicle. Also known as motor mounts, they find their application from automobiles to industrial instruments to airplanes.

Engine Mount: A General Overview

Engine or motor mounts are such crucial parts of any vehicle without which the roughness of the engine would come to the fore and hamper the ride. They help in the proper functioning, vibration absorption and extending the lifespan of the vehicle. A motor mount ensures that the engine of the vehicle is in the proper place and absorbs energy from the engine so that it’s not transmitted to the rest of the system.

So for the requirement of vibration absorption, rubber is widely used as the material for engine or motor mounts. Rubber has an excellent heat resistance and vibration damping properties. It also comes with great design flexibility. The primary aim of the motor mount is to create a break of rubber between two joining systems like engine and chassis. Rubber works better in absorbing oscillation and noise than any other material.

System Analysis of the Engine Mount

Before designing the right motor mount, the engineers at Sujan Industries analyses the mounting strategy. The information required for the study are as follows:

  • Engine type
  • Location of the mount
  • Weight of the parts
  • Idle and motion speeds
  • Maximum output torque
  • Mass moments of inertia

With all this information our engineers execute two types of analysis:

1. Static Analysis: This analysis is done for the torque and the engine weight to ensure that the mount can handle the load.
2. Dynamic Analysis: This is done for natural frequencies and engine turmoils that can hamper the performance of the engine mounts work.

So after the analysis is done, the professionals at Sujan Industries carry out all the activities that are required to manufacture the top-quality motor mounts with the maximum potential to perform the job. Proper analysis is an integral part of designing a motor mount since any mistake can worsen the performance.

Application of the Engine Mount

Engine or motor mounts find their application in the following industries:

  • On-highway and even road vehicles like in mass transportation
  • Off-highway and bumpy road vehicles like in forestry
  • In-plant stationary instruments like air compressors
  • On-site instruments that are transported like power generators etc.

Selecting your right engine mount depends on the right analysis and the application. Like if the application is something stationary, it would need isolation in one direction and not the safety matters. But an off-highway application would require high rebound loading and hence you should have different considerations. There are diverse load requirements, life cycle requirements etc. for each application. So when you are buying a motor mount, take all these factors into consideration to ensure the purchase is the right choice for the job.

Preferred Material for Engine Mounting

Generally two materials are preferred to design engine or motor mounts; Rubber & Metal component that are boded to. Rubber is the most important material used for engine mounting design. Below are some reasons why the rubber is the most preferred material for making motor mounts:

  • Rubber possesses superb damping and energy absorption properties.
  • It has excellent vibration, noise damping and heat transmission capabilities.
  • It ensures optimum stability at the right hardness.
  • For different applications, it has a broad elastomer range.
  • Rubber has great resistance to water, oil or fluid, ozone and other damaging materials.
  • Even with persistent pressure, vibration or oscillation it has a long lifespan.
  • Join the shackle and the spring eye with mounting bolts and make sure to tight.

Various rubber materials & metals are used for Engine Mounting based on their properties and application requirement. While selecting that, the knowledge of adhesive which is used to bond rubber to metal is also important.

What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Engine Mount?

Choosing the same engine or motor mounts year after year can affect the proper functioning of vehicle. Also if you switch from one kind of engine to another but use the same motor mount, then it can create some serious issues like the following:

  • Engine sensors failing
  • Damaged to engine brackets
  • Reduced life cycle

With the change of the engine, the dynamics of the entire system change. And with different dynamics, there is a requirement of different motor mounts as well. So if you don’t change the motor mounts, you’ll see the performance of the vehicle is reduced.

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