Leaf spring shackle helps to get the best ride quality and suspension travel of a vehicle. Leaf springs are a crucial component of the automobile manufacturing industry. They are the default suspension system for off-road vehicles or trucks or other heavy vehicles. They help to balance the weight of the car during pick up while absorbing vibrations from speed bumps and uneven surface. But if there’s no shackle, the leaf springs are quite ineffective.

Sujan Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality aftermarket auto parts in India and abroad. We have a wide collection of customized leaf spring shackles for you to purchase when you need to replace your existing ones. So it’s important for you to know when it’s the right time to replace your shackles and how to install the new ones.

Functions of the Leaf Spring Shackle

Leaf spring shackles help the vehicle’s springs to travel through long ways when you drive through different road surfaces like rocks, bumps, potholes, uneven dirt and rocks. It ensures the length of the leaf springs changes appropriately during the movements of the suspension.

Another purpose of this component is to keep the vehicle balanced. Shackles are located at the rear end of each leaf spring in the suspension system of any vehicle. They link the springs and the vehicle frame with the help of an eye spring bolt.

Since a leaf spring cannot take on all the load, they depend on shackles to flex and adequately run the suspension system.

Advantages of the Leaf Spring Shackle

A leaf spring shackle ensures that the vehicle stays many years of operating in various weather as well as driving conditions. There are a few benefits of longer shackles as compared to the factory types. And these are:

  • There will be an increase in pinion angle
  • The mounts of the shackle will have an increased leverage
  • The axle will rotate towards the down at the side of the shackle
  • The height of the suspension will increase
  • The suspension down travel will also be increased.

Signs of a Worn-out Leaf Spring Shackle

An overused shackle will show a few symptoms of damage. Identifying them is crucial in ensuring a hassle-free ride and long life of the vehicle. So when you are aware of the likely signs of the exhausted shackles, you can resist any issue to ensure the integrity of the suspension system of the vehicle. The signs are:

A rough ride: If you are not experiencing a smooth ride and the tires of the vehicle are lifting off the road surface, it can be a sign of damaged shackles.
Fractured springs: If your leaf springs are getting more faulty repeatedly, the reason might be the damaged shackles.
Tilted vehicle: If the vehicle is tilted to any one side, it can be due to the worn-out shackles.
Abnormal noise: If there’s any snapping, odd noise, clunking or any abnormal sound pops up, it can cause excessive movement in the system. The main reason can be the damaged or worn-out shackle.

Shackles can get damaged from over-tightening. Since they work the best when they are able to move freely, too much tightening will cause an unwanted obstacle to them. Here we can share a quick tip, just tighten them well and then loosen them by a little reverse turn.

Shackles can even become upset by moving past their axis of movement. If this happens, the leaf springs keep them secured in place, opposing their purpose. Upset parts can end in huge damage to the vehicle if you don’t take the necessary actions quickly.

A few signs of a damaged shackle are a cloud of dust and loud snapping noise. If you want to fix this, you just need to lift the vehicle and leverage the shackle back into its place. Hence, keeping an eye out for these explicit signs can help you maintain and repair the shackles timely and avoid unwanted circumstances with your vehicle.

How to Install a New Leaf Spring Shackle?

The leaf spring shackles generally have a high level of endurance, but over time, like any other component of the vehicle, they also wear out. When you notice the symptoms of the damaged shackles, don’t just waste time to change since it can cause severe damage to the vehicle.

Invest in a premium and a fresh set of leaf spring shackle kits that fits the model of your vehicle. You can also reach out to Sujan Industries, since we provide the best quality and customized shackles for any size of the automobile.

However, installing a new shackle set is not a tough job, you just need to know the right technique and get the right tools and replacement kit. Below are some steps to install new shackles:

  • Elevate the rear end of the vehicle using the floor jacks.
  • Keep the jack stand under the vehicle and take them down to drop the suspension.
  • Eliminate the mounting bolt at the bottom that links the shackle and the spring.
  • Now replace the upper mounting bolt that connects the shackle and the chassis.
  • Then eject the damaged shackle and replace it with a fresh one with the use of a new mounting bolt.
  • Now keep the shackle in alignment with the eye of the spring and work them together.
  • Join the shackle and the spring eye with mounting bolts and make sure to tight.
  • When done, just lift the vehicle and remove the jack stand.
  • Now use the floor jacks to lower the vehicle down and check the installed shackles.
  • Finally, make sure the bolts are perfectly tightened under the weight of the vehicle.

This replacement of leaf spring shackles will ensure a smooth ride as the vehicle moves over different road surfaces, making the journey safe and more comfortable.

Get The Best Quality Leaf Spring Shackles From Sujan Industries

Leaf spring shackles play an important function in any vehicle’s suspension system. Sujan Industries is an expert in the manufacturing & supply of various high-quality shackles kits as per the requirement of models & application of the customers at a competitive price. So, Get in touch with us for more information and assistance. We will assure you of our best service always.

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