Every day, we are surrounded by one of the most important innovations all the time i.e Electricity. Electricity is one of the blessings that science has given to humankind. The development and generation of electricity changed lives drastically, starting from domestic use to industrial activities. It plays a key role in the financial growth and overall development of any country. India’s power sector is the most diverse in the world. And Sujan Industries is one of the leading contributors to this power generation industry and the economy of India. We produce and supply various critical rubber products that provide maximum support in power generation and keep the sector running. Most of our parts are used in Gensets, Water Pumps and Engines. Here are our key products and services.

Key critical applications rubber products for Power Industry

The innovative rubber products that we manufacture and deliver to the power sector applications in India are:-

1. Generator Set or Genset

A generator is a portable device that includes an engine and an alternator that provides energy. Generators are used in all the developing areas, the areas that are not connected to the power grid, the areas that face frequent power outages, and the areas where an outage can cause severe problems. During peak usage hours, the generators can serve as the primary source of power or as a supplementary one.

Generally, a generator set is fitted in a sound-proof vault to minimize the noise to the areas around. The base frame of the generator includes an anti-vibration system, fuel system, etc. Other elements of Genset Engine parts include the engine which is the workhorse of the generator, control panel, exhaust system, battery charger, lubrication system, and an automatic transfer switch in case energy has to be alternated between the primary source and the secondary one.

Applications of Generators

Generators that are fueled by petrol or diesel can be used to provide power to residents or businesses where an outage of power commonly happens. Here the generator parts work as a backup power supply to make sure that there’s the smooth functioning of the business or home appliances. Also, the gensets can be used to power machines and instruments at worksites where electricity cannot be supplied from the mainline.

Various Rubber Parts We Manufacture & Supply for Gensets or Generators

Sujan Industries is one of the leading generator or Genset components manufacturers in India. We manufacture & supply various critical rubber parts like Spacer comp carb, Separator comp inner, Rubber Tank Cushion, Rubber Stopper, Grommet, Rubber Battery Box, Rubber Bottom, Rubber Grip, Cushion Cdi Unit, Plug Oil Drain, etc. to the gensets like EP2200CX, Eu7000, EX2400, Eu70is, Eu30is, EP/EU1000/900 etc. that are used for vibration damping, sealing, bottom mounting, aesthetic and noise control.

We also supply generator anti-vibration mounts to cushion the noise that comes from the structure and damp the vibrations of the generator and the frame of the machine. These mounts are not only used for generators but also for other machines like emergency power units, oil pumps and general purpose engines etc. The generator mounts are covered with a metal body on the top and bottom to prevent oil leakage. They keep the mounts from getting damaged and ensure high-vibration isolation. The mounts are suitable for absorbing vibrations in generator.

2. Water Pumps

Water pumps are portable devices that can be used in different applications. These are used for pumping a huge amount of water from one space to another. The purpose of the water pumps is versatile. Water pumps are also used for draining water from a flooded area, swimming pool, spreading pesticides etc. Water pumps use principles like mechanical and hydraulic throughout a piping system and to make sufficient force for its use. These are widely used in agricultural, housing, manufacturing and municipal applications.

Applications of Water Pumps

A water pump is used to dewater by decreasing the downtime from huge rains. General use of these pumps can be seen in buildings, boost applications, wells, circulation of hot water, protection of fire systems, sump pits etc. water pumps are frequently used in construction fields for removing surplus water and dewatering. Due to heavy rains, the water flow can go up and water pumps help you supply the water quickly to minimize downtime. These pumps are the perfect one for hydraulic, electric, gas-powered and otherwise manual applications. These pumps help us by making a huge variety of agricultural, industrial and household works possible and convenient.

Rubber Parts We Manufacture & supply for Water Pumps

Being the top power product manufacturers in India, Sujan Industries supply different rubber parts like packing fuel filler cap, grommet choke rod, O-rings etc. to various models of water pumps like WB15X, WS20X and WB30X that are used for sealing, vibration absorption and noise control.

3. Engines

The engine is a central combustion engine with spark-ignition. It is designed to execute on petrol and alike volatile fuels. Generally, in most engines, the air and fuel are usually mixed before compression.

Applications of Engines

Common applications of the engines are found in the Generators, commercial lawn, garden equipment, cultivators, tillers, industrial equipment, construction, agriculture equipment, pressure washers, water pumps, forestry equipment etc.

Rubber Parts We Manufacture & Supply for Engines

Sujan Industries is one of the best engine components manufacturers in India that supplies a variety of parts like Packing fuel filler caps, Grommet Choke Rod, O-rings, etc. to the engines like GX200, GX80 which are used for the sealing application, vibration absorption and controlling the noise.

Leading Power & Electric applications Products Manufacturer in India – Sujan Industries

Sujan Industries is proud to contribute immensely to the crucial needs of the energy generation industry. With our innovative technology and premium quality products and services, our extensive research & development and execution team ensures maximum support to all the required fields. As per the requirements of the customer, we deliver rubber products that are compatible with engines, generators and water pumps etc. We also manufacture critical application NVH Parts, Rubber Parts, Casting & Plastic products for various Industries such as Railway, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Electric, Aircraft, Automotive, Commercial vehicle industries, etc. If you are looking for any rubber or plastic parts for Power or electrical application, feel free to get in touch with us and experience a spark in your business growth.

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