Rubber is one of the most versatile materials that is widely used for both commercial and industrial purposes. Sujan Industries is one of the leading Manufacturer of Rubber Products in Mumbai, India. We cater to various applications of rubber parts like the Sealing product, Anti-vibration Engine mounts, Cab mounts, Strut mounts, Boots, Suspension bushes, Suspension pads, Sandwich mounts, etc. In almost every industry there is extensive use of rubber products and the Automotive NVH market is no exception.

What is NVH?

In the Automotive industry, NVH is the acronym for Noise (what you hear), Vibration (what you feel), and Harshness (the effect of bumps on the car’s cabin). It is the study, evaluation, and modification of the noise and vibration which are the aspects of vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc. NVH puts an impact on the consumer’s experience when riding a vehicle and also threatens the vehicle’s durability. So engineers must constantly work to combat NVH.

How to Improve NVH?

As an outcome of the demand for rising refinement in a vehicle, Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) are becoming increasingly essential. There are three key factors for improving NVH and these are:

1. Minimizing the source strength, that is, making a noise milder with a muffler or bettering the balance of a rotating mechanism
2. Suspending the path of noise and vibration with barriers or isolators
3. Absorbing the energy of noise and vibration, like with foam noise absorbers or tuned vibration dampers, etc.

Now there are various automotive parts used in these methods and a majority among them are built with rubber. Because rubber works well in these applications due to its physical properties of high density and consistency.

Importance of Rubber in the Automotive NVH Market

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness have become an important issue when it comes to the refined operation of a vehicle. Noise has an impact on the passengers and the environment, while vibration is closely related to the reliability and quality of the vehicle. Harshness is also related to the quality of the vehicle. So due to the rising demand for a peaceful and safe environment during journeys there has been a boost in the consumption of automotive NVH products.

Rubber is one of the widely used industrial products all over the world. As a versatile material it is ideal for controlling NVH. Sujan Industries aid the automotive NVH market by supplying the best products as NVH solutions. Let’s check why the rubber is a valuable product in the automotive NVH market:

● The high density of rubber absorbs the sound and vibrations of the vehicle while the consistency lets the sound and vibration to be spread equally across the material.
● Rubber compounds of different densities can be used to limit the degree to which sounds and vibrations are dampened. By changing the density of the object used, one can obtain less or more dampening as deserved.
● Rubber compounds reduce the transmission of the vibrations from one part of the vehicle to another.

In automotive design, NVH is regulated by reducing the transfer of unwanted noises and vibrations into the passenger area. The NVH parts that absorb and dampen the noise and vibrations are used to achieve the unwanted issues and improvement in terms of the comfort, efficiency, and safety of the vehicle.

Automotive NVH Solutions

Automotive NVH parts are often small elements that are produced from rubber, foam, or other such materials. Sujan Industries serve with the premium class rubber components to minimize the NVH related issues.

Different NVH parts are used in the automotive industry to reduce any lousy impact of noise, vibration, and harshness in a vehicle, thereby improving the customer experience. Custom rubber grommets are used in tools like isolating coolant lines and HVAC lines, vibration-dampers, and protecting wiring cables and tubing that pass through panel clearings.

Minimizing NVH on Fluid Routing Lines:

● Custom Rubber Tube Grommets restrict NVH by preventing metal to metal contact and controlling the shift of metal tubing.

● Metal Bracket Rubber Inserts are crafted to eliminate metal-to-metal contact with the bracket and metal tubing and minimize vibration with its ribbed pattern.

Fuel Tank NVH

● Fuel tanks are wider parts that can create NVH issues if not managed properly. So the fuel tank manufacturers prevent the issue by using rubber pads that are placed between the fuel tank and the body of the car.

Body and Chassis NVH

● Rubber Panel Plugs are useful means to cover a vehicle’s panel openings. It is a small tool that lessens the noise transfer into the cabin and can be installed easily.

● Butyl Patches for panel holes are also very effective in reducing noise.

Wrap Up:

Rubbers are capable of providing the best noise insulation, vibration damping, and chemical stability. Over the years this sector has experienced significant growth due to the enormous use of molded rubber for sealing and lining solutions. It acts as the main driving force for growth in this industry and will continue to be in the upcoming years.

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