Back in the day, car riding was more about function rather than experience. Today, when people choose a car, its feel and performance have way more weight than its ability to get you from one place to another. And a car mount is one element that imparts stability to your vehicle like none other. 

In fact, vibration management has become a technological facet in itself, where manufacturers try to come up with new and improved products to keep shocks, jerks, and vibrations at bay. And engine mounts are an ideal way to achieve that effect. 

In this article, we explore these mounts in detail, along with their various types and benefits. 

What is a Car Mount? 

Noise, vibrations, and harshness – car mounts are designed to keep these three inconveniences at bay. But what is it?  

Well, it’s basically a part that holds your engine in place. In most vehicles, the engine and transmission system are bolted together and are held in place using 3-4 mounts. The mounting housing the transmission is known as the transmission mount, and the one supporting your engine is the car mount

One part of the mount is bolted to the frame or the car of the body. The other end of the component is affixed to the engine. As the engine is the main source of vibration, the mount dampens any oscillations coming from it, thereby keeping all the other engine components intact and safe. 

Typically, these mounts are crafted using rubber materials, reducing any metal-to-metal contact between the car body and the engine. Some go even further, using mounts filled with liquid that is more adept at being shock absorbers than mounts. Certain high-profile car manufacturers also use vacuum mounts, which provide the best dampening out of all. 

Let’s look at some of the other types of engine mounts. 

Types of Engine Mounts

  • Rubber Mounts

It’s the most traditional type of strut mount and the most used as well. Available in numerous sizes and shapes – ranging from simple cotton real shapes to complex rubber and metal formations. They’re also very customizable, with the stiffness regulation made possible using elastomeric material. You can even decide the direction of movement with fixed links within the design of the mount. 

  • Hydraulic Mounts

These mounts are more dynamic than rubber ones as they combine the acoustic isolation functions of rubber mounts with balanced damping performance. Moreover, these components can adapt their properties to the induced load, as the viscous liquid inside the car mount assembly acts as a damper to ensure optimal insulation. 

As for the inside, it contains a main rubber spring that has an upper and lower chamber. These chambers are connected by a series of canals, separated by a rubber valve. The main spring is occupied by a viscous liquid. If the vehicle faces an impact, the rubber valve opens and shuts the bypass channel, redirecting the flow of liquid between the clampers. As a result, the stiffness of the mount changes, allowing for optimal damping characteristics for any terrain. 

  • Electronically Active Mount

This type of engine mount meets damping regular requirements but provides a whole lot more control. It has a switching function that causes the air suspension to be utilized in the neutral position, offering soft suspension when at low or idle RPM. 

When the vehicle is being driven, the sandwich mounts switch to the hydraulic suspension system and offer a firmer suspension between the vehicle’s chassis and the engine.

That said, the world of engine mountings is constantly evolving and is currently leaning towards more intelligent and active mounting designed to meet the requirements of more demanding applications. 

Wrapping Up

With time, any engine mount will deteriorate due to continuous wear and tear, thanks to vibrations, jerks, and shocks. However, by investing in high-quality components, you can significantly elongate the time between subsequent mount replacements. 

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