TecsPak® is a widely used material in various industrial applications. It is a registered trademark of Miner Enterprises. The material is flexible and is compounded with a variety of other ingredients to make it durable in different temperatures. The automotive rubber parts manufacturers in India have an extensive use of TecsPak® in producing different Products &equipments.

What is TecsPak® ?

TecsPak® is the acronym for Thermoplastic Elastomer Compression Spring Package. It is an elastomeric good that is highly engineered and has the capacity to absorb more energy per unit of weight and volume than many other known materials.

Since 1978, TecsPak® has been rolling as a proprietary elastomer system. It is used to control the energy of motion (kinetic and potential) in different applications.

What was the reason behind the development of TecsPak® ?

The Miner elastomer produceda very unique spring material, TecsPak® , by taking a selected thermoplastic elastomer and utilizing shape design and patented processing. But it was not there in the first place. Few circumstances let the industry develop this suitable material to serve their purpose. These are:

● There has been a want of high energy absorption in railroad applications.
● Also, there was a lack of resilience in the thermoset urethane
● Apart from that, cold temperature impact ability was also required
● Higher loads were necessary for some newer implementations

What are the Advantages of Utilizing TecsPak® ?

TecsPak® is the number one choice for the issues related to energy management. Generally, TecsPak® is a system that has tailor-made execution entirely based upon the inputs. Its performance can be obtained through a blend of material and geometry.

TecsPak® has a widespread use in the Railway industries and hence, it’s widely used by the Railway parts manufacturers in India. The great solution that TecsPak® provides is to protect the machine apart from providing comfort to the operators. TecsPak® has a number of advantages in terms of its usage. These are:

Productive use of the materials
● Truly long-lasting
● Brilliant performance in cold temperatures
● Chemically inactive and passive to greases and oils
● Very sensitive to Notches
● Can be used repeatedly
● Very flexible

What are the Applications of TecsPak® In Various Industries?

TecsPak® is a very reliable material that absorbs energy and is designed to satisfy difficult performance conditions in miscellaneous applications. There’s an extensive use of TecsPak® in various industries. These are:

General Products

In general productsTecsPak® is used in producing GBA (Axial) bumpers, GBR (Radial) bumpers, Heavy Line Bumpers (HBR) etc. Apart from these, in tracked vehicles, it is used in manufacturing oscillation stops. It is also used in producing E-spring, Coil spring, Medium travel rectangular pads, Refuse hauler stop bumper etc.

Mining Industries

TecsPak® has extensive use in the mining industry as well, like, in producing Bucket door cushions, Suspension stops, Haul truck suspensions, Underground vehicle suspensions, Cab isolators, Wheel chocks etc.

Military Sectors

Like all other above-mentioned industries, the military industry also has a lot of uses of TecsPak®, like Jounce bumpers, Suspension stops, Isolators, Engine mount soft link cushions etc. Apart from all these, it’s also used in producing Hercules road wheel bump stops etc.

Fitness Equipment Industries

In this industry, TecsPak® is used in producing Treadmill running deck cushions, Stairstep end of stroke stops and Cross trainer cushions etc.

Agriculture Industries

In Agriculture Industry TecsPak® is widely utilized in the equipment like Sprayer boom, Arm cushions, Suspension components, Tension springs, Wheel suspensions, Seat suspensions or cushions etc.

General / Industrial Sales

The uses of TecsPak® in General / Industrial Sales are Suspensions for straddle carriers and people movers, Isolators for general, dock isolators and aquatic vehicle isolators, Cushions / Bumpers for nail guns, backhoe tie-down, antenna emergency stop, oil wells etc.

Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries also have broad use of TecsPak® like rebound/jounce bumpers, auxiliary cushions, air suspension stops, miscellaneous custom molded components and so on.

Wrap Up

In the past decades, Miner Enterprises has launched an outstanding new product, TecsPak®. Since then it has been used in various industries as a most long-lasting and reliable material. Sujan Industries, one of the leading Rubber Products Manufacturer in India being proud partners of Miner Enterprises has been catering to India’s largest industries since long.

So if you have any requirements regarding TecsPak® products& want to know more about TecsPak® & its application, drop a line in the comments section. Or you can also Get in Touch with us for further discussions.