If the engine is the heart and fuel is the blood of an automobile, the suspension system is the spine, a skeletal framework designed to keep it flexible and agile. If you have an injured spine, it stymies your ability to move. Similarly, a non-functioning suspension can impede your ability to drive. Different automobiles use different suspension systems. Big commercial vehicles have huge suspension arrangements, while smaller cars have a more compact suspension structure. In this blog, we’ll discuss the various types of suspensions used in commercial vehicles, ranging from a simple leaf spring hanger to a more complex double wishbone apparatus. 

What is a Suspension System?

Ever notice the complex network of shockers and springs sticking out from under your truck? Well, that’s exactly what suspension systems are – an arrangement designed to make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. In more technical terms, the body of your vehicle, including the frame, can’t be mounted directly on the front and rear axle. If so was the case, the automobile will break down the moment it hits the first bump. It requires a buffer, a sort of a dampener to absorb the shock your vehicle receives due to inconsistencies on the road. That’s the job of a suspension system

Types of a Suspension System

  • Multi-Link Suspensions

As is obvious by the name, this type of suspension is attached to the car frame via multiple links. Due to the numerous connections, this suspension arrangement can absorb any jerk or force thrown at them. That’s why these are prominent among vehicles that go off-road often. Usually installed in the rear axle of the vehicle, these systems imbue the rear tires with enhanced grip, ensuring a comfortable ride. Also, this means that the extra weight of the suspension on the rear wheels ensures that the wheels stick to the ground during the sharpest of turns. Due to their complexity, these suspensions are featured primarily on higher-end commercial vehicles.For the best suspension assemblies, choose Sujan Industries as your automotive partner. Check out the website of one of the best stainless steel casting manufacturers in India today!

  • Rigid Axle Suspension System

Also known as beam axle suspension, this system features an axle that is placed perpendicular to the automobile and connected to the wheels through a wheel spindle, and can be combined with coiled or leaf springs. It has a very simple setup. But where it’s understated in assembly, it’s pretty durable when it comes to load-bearing capabilities. Also, simple assemblies are easy to replace and repair. Given their robustness and cost-effectiveness, these are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. However, this suspension system doesn’t hold well at high speeds and sharp turns. Therefore, you run the risk of tipping the vehicle over if you subject your vehicle to hard cornering.

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  • Independent Suspension

As the name suggests, this suspension assembly is installed on each wheel separately. This means that the jerks and vibrations experienced by one wheel won’t be transferred to the others, leading to a seamless and comfortable ride, along with unparalleled comfort. Double Wishbone Suspension, Macpherson Strut, and Multi-link Suspension – independent suspensions employ the principles of all these suspension systems, among many others. Suspension parts are among the most delicate parts of a vehicle. That’s why investing in high-quality suspension parts is of utmost importance. To that end, Sujan Industries provide top-of-the-shelf automotive parts, ranging from elaborate suspension systems to high-quality suspension strut mount

  • Air Suspension System

Air springs or air suspension is a type of suspension that uses air bellows instead of conventional dampers or coils. These bellows can be filled with air using an air compressor, which can be deflated as per the requirement to adjust the ride of the automobile. Given its functionalities, this type of suspension provides one of the most smooth riding experiences, as well as impressive load-bearing capabilities. This is the reason why it’s used in top-of-the-line commercial vehicles. 

Choose the Best Suspension Systems from Sujan Industries Today

Now that you’re familiar with the various suspension system types, you can make an informed choice, keeping in mind your automobile needs.And for premium-quality suspension parts and systems, Sujan Industries can fulfill all your requirements. For more information on our offerings, connect with us today!