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The core team consists of strong individuals who have worked together for over a decade and successfully launched a joint venture company with Sujan Group and Cooper Standard. Using that success as a benchmark, the team came together in 2018 to reinvent Sujan Industries and mould it for the future.


By Sujan - in Electrical


Rubber Products and Its Various Applications in the Growing Electrical Industry

In the Electrical Industry, rubber products have a wide range of applications. The rubber parts manufactured by Sujan Industries, the…

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How TecsPak® Has a Widespread Application In Various Industries

TecsPak® is a widely used material in various industrial applications. It is a registered trademark of Miner Enterprises. The material…

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Why is Rubber the Best Material as Vibration Absorber?

Vibrations are never invited in the world of machines. Be it cars, motors, machine tools, buildings and constructions or oil…

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By Sujan - in Automotive


Rubber Products are Crucial to the Automotive NVH Market. Learn Why!

Introduction Rubber is one of the most versatile materials that is widely used for both commercial and industrial purposes. Sujan…

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